Diaquip 350mm Electric Disc Cutter




Why Buy?

  • Robustly made
  • Big capacity
  • Dust extraction ski
  • Water dust suppression built in
  • Wheel set for accurate cutting

Reisser Screws – Look Sharp!




Why Buy? 

  • Premium quality screws
  • Comprehensive range
  • Anti-split design
  • Easy start/drive thread
  • Corrosion protected

CAMPINGAZ Garden Torches – Fiery Weed Control

I am the world’s worst gardener, and what I always look for is a quick and easy solution to weedkilling.Chemical weedkillers seem to offer what seems to me a thorough solution to regrowth, but they are sometimes not indicated when animals and children are around, so the CAMPINGAZ garden torch offered a different solution to my weeds. 

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