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The MudGun from National Abrasives No Fuss Drywall Taping and Repairs

National Abrasives has taken on the agency of the MudGun from Canada. In North America, filling plaster used in drywall construction is referred to as “Mud” – We have followed the trend in our building methods and it is fair to say that we now need the MudGun in the UK to help us fill the skills gaps as well as the gaps in our drylining.

The basis of the MudGun is the gun itself. It is like a larger sealant gun. This is the basic “mud delivery system”. Both kits come with two nozzles - one for flat joints and the other for inside corners. There is also a 7 inch finishing head, a T-adaptor, an inside corner smoothing tool and a cleaning brush.

The MudGun Pro differs slightly with two extra additions – a loading ring and a MudPak adaptor. This allows it to use the “sausages” of premixed Mud that are very quick to use for small repairs and filling. It is possible to mix filling plaster to the right consistency for the MudGun, but with a ready mixed bucket of Mud or MudPaks, users will always have the necessary at hand.

The loading ring is included in the Pro version so that bulk buy users can load the mud into their gun without exposing the mud to the air.  

The MudGun comes with a set of very comprehensive instructions that explain basic use and point out potential glitches.

I used the MudGun only with the MudPaks and the they are simplicity itself to use. I was impressed with the robustness and size of the trigger and handle mechanism. It is solidly made in metal and is able to resist the inevitable ravages of drying plaster and plaster dust.

The nozzles, both flat and corner, are easy to attach by simply screwing them on, and can be easily adjusted to the correct angle by just backing off the collar a bit.

The MudGun can be used for doing simple repairs of holes and cracks in plasterboard, and the instructions provide clear advice on how to proceed.

Where professionals would save time is by using the MudGun to tape and finish the joints between sections of drywalling. Using the T adaptor and the finishing head, layers of mud can be quickly applied to the edges of joints to even them out and also to fill in any slight gaps that might not have been covered first time round.

The finishing head can be adjusting via a sliding switch to vary the depth of the mud that is applied. The whole head and adjustment mechanism is made of plastic and the switch can be popped out for easy cleaning – because nothing sticks like dried plaster.

I wouldn’t say I became an expert after half an hour of using it, but I will say that I had improved enough to be able to do a good job. Keen DIYers and DIY property developers should be keen to take a look at it too.

Several Builders Merchants & DIY stores have placed orders at the recent trade shows as well as Belmore Tools, a specialist Drywall tool distributor.


  • Easy way to apply plaster
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Repairs, taping, and filling all possible with this
  • Robust construction
  • A good way of avoiding waste
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