Reisser Screws – Look Sharp!

I am very familiar with Reisser screws – having been tempted to buy a ‘Handy Pack’ of Cutter screws in common sizes to fit into my site workbox. In my experience the Reisser Cutter screws are high quality performance woodscrews with enough features to appeal to a wide audience.

Easy starting when driving screws is a big deal for me. The sooner the sharp end bites and the thread does its job the happier my fingers are. The Cutter screw has a sharp needle point that is easy to push into the timber for easy starting and the two patented cutting slots cut the way through the timber as the screw is driven. For most timbers this means that no pilot hole is needed and driving is pretty effortless.

A closer examination of the wide and deep thread on the Cutter screw also helps to explain why this screw is easy and quick to drive. By keeping the shank as slim as possible and with a deep thread, the Cutter screw can do what it says on the tin – it cuts rather than forces its way into the timber. As a result, the Cutter screw will tend create fewer splits, even near to edges of planks.

The screws also have a yellow tropicalized finish which is generally regarded as being superior to a simple zinc plated finish because it acts as a lubricant when driving as well as a rust resistant coating in situ. I used some of these Reisser screws several years ago for making a log store and shed and they have not rusted, nor have the slots become clogged.

With torque and power now available on impact and drill drivers at the press of a trigger, it is not unheard of for the heads of screw to snap off when the going gets tough. The Cutter screw has a reinforced collar that amounts to a slight thickening of the shank as it gently turns into the screwhead. This head also has a combination of ribs and tucks in it that create a countersink. The power of modern drivers is such that users I have seen can be tempted to drive screwheads below the surface.

The all-important driver slot on the Cutter screw is deep and well defined. It also helps that Reisser includes a generous pack of 20 high quality torsion driver bits in the Cutter Trade Pack that fit the slots very well – could be made for them in fact! 



  • Premium quality screws
  • Comprehensive range
  • Anti-split design
  • Easy start/drive thread
  • Corrosion protected
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