Towers on Tour provide an illuminating experience

Morris Site Machinery has lined up a summer tour with quality performers to bring a lighting roadshow directly to customers’ doors.

‘Towers on Tour’ will hit the road in August to showcase the company’s latest lighting towers and technology and give a practical demonstration of how they can help to improve a fleet.

The Morris team behind the venture has more than 150 years’ industry experience and knowledge and is excited about travelling the country to meet existing and potential customers.

It is an effective and accessible approach to showing customers the equipment in action. All they have to do is make a phone call to arrange for the tour to stop off at their premises.

By hosting such a personalised visit, customers can get the technical lowdown, ask questions, seek advice and learn more about what Morris Site Machinery can offer.

As Richard Denholm, UK Sales Director, explained: “It’s always great to build face to face relationships. This is an opportunity to show what our lighting towers can deliver and discuss how they can benefit business.”

The tour will spotlight the TL90 Ultimate in action.  It offers over 20 variants on specification allowing customers to bespoke build and spec-up their lighting towers according to site needs and budget.

It has up to the minute engine technology with options of a Perkins and Kubota engines each providing a 50% increase in fuel capacity and run time, delivering an additional 90 hours of operation ensuring greater cost savings.

The TL90 Ultimate is fitted with a Deep Sea control panel with telemetry options available to give operators advanced monitoring, more traceability and security in their fleets. The four 300W LED lights provide fuel efficient and crisp, clear instant light with up to 50,000 hours use.

The super silent TL90 LED will show its star qualities in technology and innovation. It has proven reliability and performance from a Kubota 1500rpm water cooled engine. Its five 240W LED lamps offer up to 50,000 hours lamp life.

To book a lighting tower experience please contact the sales team on 0345 515 0103.

WernerCO invests over $1.8M at its Maldon UK Facility

WernerCo, the UK’s leading manufacturer of professional ladders and access towers, invests over $1.8m at its Maldon UK facility strengthening its position in the market.

At the heart of the investment sits the installation of a new BLM Adige Fibre Optic Laser Cutter, used for cutting treads for WernerCo’s leading fibreglass stepladders, stiles for box section extension ladders and BoSS access tower components.

John Darby, WernerCo UK Manufacturing Engineering Manager, said: “The state of the art machine from Italy was an investment of over $1.2m and forms part of the overall production site improvements in WernerCo’s Maldon UK plant.

“The investment in this second laser cutting machine prevents any need for outsourcing and provides an increase in capacity to support growth. The new machinery enables cutting for the D-Rung ladder stiles and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) treads and horizontals. More critically this investment improves and streamlines production processes, following the production lines moving from our Belper site.”

To support the overall improvements in operational efficiency at the Maldon plant, over 25,000 sq.ft of storage buildings have been added for component storage, including a 10,000 sq.ft dedicated extrusion store.

In November 2015, WernerCo opened a new National Distribution Centre in Burton Upon Trent, which saw the move of finished ladders from Maldon and Belper. This new centrally located facility provides distribution and collection facilities to WernerCo’s UK customer base.

As a result, over 36,000 sq.ft of production floor in Maldon has now been relayed to optimise production efficiency and to absorb the volume from the Belper closure on course for later this year.

WernerCo has invested over $100k in increased nitrogen generation, which is used in the aluminium laser cutting production, making the company self-sufficient in nitrogen generation. In addition the company has also improved external storage, general facilities and parking.

Nick Platt, EMEA VP Operations, said: “WernerCo has production facilities all over the world, and it’s been great to see the investment in manufacturing in our UK business.

“We are looking forward to seeing the results of the investments and improvements at Maldon in terms of quality, speed and efficiency at the plant. We’re also investing in global operations, like Vietnam, where we have just installed a new $5m aluminium extrusion machine, predominantly to supply ladders for the UK market.”


Wolverhampton based construction industry supplier, Shindaiwa is shining the light on the launch of its solar hybrid lighting tower that is offering customers up to £300 in fuel savings each month.

The ECO Solar Hybrid Tower is the first of its kind in the UK that is totally self-contained and requires no external charging, unlike similar solar lighting towers.  The Shindaiwa tower uses an average 1.46 litres of diesel a day and offers a running time up to 60 days on a single tank of fuel.

Ideal for the construction industry, the tower is lighter than conventional products as it has aluminium body panels and a galvanised chassis, so it’s also corrosion resistant and able to withstand the harshest environments. 

Shindaiwa managing director Andy Munford said: “We are delighted to be bringing the ECO lighting tower to the UK market.  It offers customers the best of both worlds by using the very latest in solar power and diesel hybrid technology, which in turn dramatically reduces overall carbon emissions, fossil fuel consumption and air pollution. “Initial interest has been high and we are confident the ECO tower will be a welcome addition to our product range that includes Shindaiwa welders and generators.”

The ECO tower features seven ultra bright LED lamps that can be used for eight hours before the need to recharge.  The twin cylinder Kubota diesel engine automatically charges the batteries in just over an hour and is programmed to run at specific times of the day, guaranteeing silent mode at night.

Shindaiwa has been manufacturing welder generators for over 40 years and launched in the UK and Eire in 2010.  Its products offer exceptional welding power, Super-Silent technology and unfailing strength.  The ECO tower is the latest product to be introduced to the UK market by Shindaiwa.

For more information please visit


PASMA Tower Week is back for another year and from the 2nd until 6th November, PASMA members, including Youngman group’s BoSS Towers, will be highlighting safety at height.

Tower week, currently in its third year, was established by the Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association (PASMA) to promote the use of towers as well as exchange information on the development of height safety in general.

PASMA is the leading industry body representing the interests of manufacturers, suppliers, specifiers and users of pre-fabricated access equipment. They provide and oversee the industry standard training scheme and publication of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance.

As a PASMA member, Youngman group will be highlighting the versatility of their BoSS towers and their safe and productive use via their LinkedIn page, BoSS Towers & Access, during the week sharing some exclusive video content.

PASMA Managing Director, Peter Bennett said, “Tower Week is a collaborative effort between PASMA and our partners. Together we are aiming to produce a special week that will benefit the industry and make a real difference to keeping people safe.”

“With an increase in partnerships and new ideas, Tower Week 2015 promises to be the biggest and best yet.”

Although Tower Week perfectly highlights BoSS’ relationship with the leading industry body, it’s the work that is carried out through the whole year that reinforces why these partnerships are paramount in promoting safety at height.

The comprehensive product range from BoSS resulted in PASMA recently using the popular BoSS Ladder span and BoSS plus products whilst undertaking refurbishment of its head office in Glasgow.

BoSS’ customer and Taskforce member, FLOW Access Systems, were commissioned by PASMA to assemble and erect the BoSS towers as part of the ongoing maintenance of the listed building.

Flow Access Systems is a well-regarded and capable PASMA approved hire & assembly company. Their staff are PASMA trained and they came out on top when members of PASMA were asked to bid for this prestigious project.

One of the issues FLOW Access faced when building the towers was space restraints due to the layout of the building fronting a main road.

Maintaining access as well as keeping the structure in situ for as little time as possible were vital aspects that needed careful consideration when undertaking the project, and all of this could be achieved by utilising an aluminium access tower structure.

FLOW Access used the BoSS Ladder span with additional BoSS Plus components because high clearance frames were needed to allow access in and out of the building.

The BoSS Ladder span is ideal because the integrated ladder allows frequent and easy access for painting; 850mm width narrow-span frames were selected because of the space restrictions, and as previously mentioned, one of the very important benefits of prefabricated tower systems is that they are so much quicker to install and dismantle especially when compared to heavier, more traditional scaffolding.

Jason Carlton, Product and Commercial Manager for BoSS Products said, “BoSS Tower builds have more than the minimum components demanded by EN1004 and since its establishment its reputation has been built on safety, by providing the best possible tower builds. BoSS also has the largest range of additional components available to enable complete flexibility in demanding environments”

“This means we could provide FLOW Access with the ideal range of products for the  job allowing them to spend less time building towers and more time for essential maintenance to take place”

Safety standards and best practice should always be considered when employing a company which is why PASMA’s website provides a full list of its accredited members.

Notes to Editor

To learn more on the events that are taking place across the country during PASMA Tower week, visit their website,

For further information on BoSS towers or to locate your nearest hire centre, please visit:

For further information of PASMA, including how to become a member please visit:

For further information on FLOW Access please visit:


BoSS TASKFORCE CASE STUDY with a Shade Greener & Hi Point Scaffolding


BoSS is the leading access tower brand in the United Kingdom, providing comprehensive and versatile tower systems to domestic, commercial and industrial projects across the country. 

Whilst the majority of towers are straightforward builds up to 8m externally or 12m internally, therefore covered by product standard EN1004:2004, the team at BoSS identified an opportunity to use the systems to replace the traditional tube and fitting scaffolds used on bigger projects, using EN1004 components but outside the scope of that standard.

This led to the formation of BoSS TASKFORCE, the expert BoSS Hire & Assembly network of carefully selected supply and erect access tower hire companies.

With founding members including Flow Access, STS & Tower Hire Services and Hi Point, this nationwide network of hire and assembly providers is capable of delivering more complex BoSS tower builds – known as prefabricated tower scaffold and covered by the new BS1139-6.

For each project, an individual design with structural calculations and method statement is prepared, before the complex structures are assembled by operatives with the appropriate competence from the BoSS TASKFORCE network. This includes scheme designs for linked, large deck and cantilever structures and site specific designs.


A Shade Greener & Hi Point Scaffolding

Hi Point, a Boss Taskforce member, is an independent specialist scaffolding contractor, operating throughout Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. According to MD, Chris Blantern, “the use of aluminium tower systems has grown, especially for light duty access. Boss is one of the best and most diverse access tower systems on the market and being a Boss Taskforce member means that we can offer our customers a bespoke and often more efficient service”

The boom in renewable energy has seen great success for Hi Point’s customer, A Shade Greener, the market leaders in the free solar industry, with more than 50,000 installs in the UK.

This rapidly growing business needed to work with partners they could rely on to deliver professional, innovative and efficient solutions to the vast array of different tower requirements that come with completing hundreds of home installations every week.  


Jason Carlton, BoSS Commercial &Product Manager at Boss BoSS explains:

“BoSS TASKFORCE members have access to our full technical resources - including custom drawings, user instructions and a structural analysis data sheet confirming technical calculations, load factors and all information required under the ‘2005 Working at Height Regulations’”

“Working in partnership with HiPoint Scaffolding, we were able to focus on a safe, cost effective, modular construction solution for A Shade Greener that combines speed of assembly with minimal impact on working environment.”

By using BoSS towers and the BoSS Taskforce’s expertise, HiPoint are able to erect towers that meet the required safety criteria at more than double the amount of houses each day, compared to traditional scaffolding.

The towers are quicker to put up and easier to inspect, meaning that more than 400 properties each week are now having solar panels installed by the team. They also benefit each homeowner by taking up less room around the outside of each house and reducing the impact on valuable driveway space or parking access.

For further information on BoSS Towers and the BoSS Taskforce, please visit:

For further information on A Shade Greener, please visit:

For information on Hi Point Scaffolding, please visit

Vertikal Days 2015 – biggest and best yet!

This year’s Vertikal Days has established the show as a major event in the European exhibition calendar. With a display of cranes and access equipment that is unrivalled anywhere in the world this year, the show has grown and developed year on year, not only establishing itself as the UK’s top lifting event but increasingly attracting visitors from further afield.

Held again this year in May, the weather - despite poor forecasts that included high winds during set up - was warm and sunny on the first day while the Thursday remained dry, although cold. Traffic congestion in the vicinity of Haydock Park - caused by major road works at the intersection of the East Lancashire Road and the M6 - meant queues to reach the venue were longer than normal, but even these did not spoil visitors’ enjoyment or keep them away with over 2,400 individuals attending, many of them for both days.


Crane exhibitors were out in force with the UK’s best display of crawler, mobile, pick & carry, spider and tower cranes for well over 15 years. All the major manufacturers were present, reflecting the current mood of the industry.


Vertikal Days is a must visit event for anyone interest in powered access. Since its inception it has attracted all types and sizes of access equipment. This year big truck mounts were back in fashion. At the opposite end of the access scale, the small push around lift is always well represented.

Onwards and Upwards

Vertikal days Cranes

This year is the ninth since its launch in 2007 with the show growing in size every years since, setting new records again this year in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors. This year also included many subtle improvements including the site layout, a relocated and expanded Marketplace pavilion, a new entrance layout, and improved lunchtime food service. The evening networking party also hit new records with over 750 attending. Coming just a few weeks after Intermat in Paris, one might have thought would have caused a few problems. However the buoyant UK market ensured a record turnout in terms of exhibitors with all the major manufacturers or dealers represented.

There were so many new and unusual items of equipment - some arriving unannounced at the show - that it is difficult to identify each and every one. Vertikal Days has never been about visitor numbers, although those attending must represent around 90 percent of the UK buying power.

Ultimately a show’s success is measured by good contacts and relationships being made and the resulting sales. Many exhibitors reported ‘out of the blue’ unexpected sales, and as usual there were many comments about the quality and serious nature of the visitors with regards to enquiries and purchasing ability.

Next year - 2016 - will be the show’s 10th anniversary- held a little later on June 15th and 16th , further developments and improvements are planned. Let’s hope the industry continues on its upward trend and Vertikal Days 2016 will be even bigger and better!

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