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New Snickers FlexiWork Stretch Trousers for maximum mobility

THE new Snickers Workwear FlexiWork Stretch Trousers deliver extreme working comfort and comes in a slim-fit design.

Hi-tech fabrics and body-mapping designs in the FlexiWork SoftShell Trousers (pictured) ensure maximum working mobility for the wearer, wherever and whenever.

The brand new four-way stretch comfort fabrics integrated into these Work Trousers deliver enhanced ‘street-smart’ freedom of movement as well as improved ventilation and overall comfort.

With great fit and superb value for money, they also have a slim-tailored fit for better all-round looks and protection against snagging, plus Armortex Kevlar reinforced stretch fabric in the KneeGuard Pro System for greater flexibility, comfort and durability.

Find more information on these products and the other Stretch Garments from Snickers Workwear – the optimal choice for a craftsperson who need to get every job done comfortably on site.

Snickers Stretch workwear mirrors high street fashion

WHEN I changed from a comfortable pair of well worn-in jeans and donned the new Snickers Workwear AllroundWork Stretch Trousers with holster pockets, they immediately felt like they had always been part of me, write PETER BRETT.

Despite appearing to be a tighter fit on legs and waist, which Snickers call a street-smart style, they had space enough to accommodate easy bending and stretching without constricting anything.

There’s lots to like and they will be my first on-site choice of wear for the foreseeable. They will be perfect for those pesky bend and stretch jobs, where the stretch really does make a difference in comfort levels.

Design is the answer

Comfort and durability are designed into Snickers trousers and it does mean the products are considered premium.

However, Snickers wearers I’ve spoken to justify the expense with the fact the trousers last a long time, wash very well, and do a good job of being practical work trousers.

It is also increasingly true high street trends are affecting the work wear ranges of many manufacturers.

It seems tradespeople want to keep up with fashion too, but I doubt whether the average pair of fashionable trousers from a high-street chain would be made using 64 pattern pieces, 592 metres of thread and come in 70 sizes.

Clearly there is more to the design of these trousers than meet the eye. Using a combination of two-way and four-way stretch fabrics is only one way the designers have ensured the comfort and durability of these trousers.

Other practicalities include the knee areas and seat being made of elasticated Cordura, which adds to the comfort. The hardwearing Cordura fabric is indeed tough and washes well.

Proof of the pudding

Initially, I wore the trousers around the house while doing my usual weekend jobs that require bending and stretching, and the feeling was confirmed they just feel comfortable, and there was a lot less pulling up at the waistband after bending down. They simply stayed in place better.

When I ventured to the workshop, I started using the array of pockets to collect my usual array of tape measure, screw bits, pencils and markers.

The two side and back pockets are large and secure for a wallet and car keys, but I am a convert to holster pockets on the front of my work trousers.

Each holster pocket from the Snickers workwear have three pouches so it is easy to separate a small screwdriver to a pencil for easy finding. On the left thigh there is a capacious pocket, which is useful for larger items.

On both side-thighs there are long pockets that will hold bigger screwdrivers. On site, these pockets along with the comfy stretch made for a really comfortable pair of trousers that felt almost like a second, extremely protective skin.

Kneeling pains?
Thing of the past!

Snickers Workwear is one of the few manufacturers that can boast the knee pockets and knee pads on its trousers match the position of the wearer’s knees when they kneel. This is such a valuable feature for me that it’s a deal breaker when buying new trousers. Add to it that wearers have the choice of four kneepad styles and a Knee-Guard System that allows the user to position the kneepads in their pockets at the correct level.

On reflection and lots of wearing, all I can say is if these Snickers Workwear AllroundWork trousers are fashionable then I am happy to be part of the ‘fashionista’ trend. Now that’s something I never thought I would say!

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