Freeze Master at Executive Hire Show

Late in 2007 Freeze Master started development of the 420D model, the first to be released in their new range of electric pipe freezers. The 420D was launched at the Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena in February 2008.  The new 420D chassis design, incorporating a carry case with lid closed slots, proved so popular that in 2010 the 690E model and revised 280D models were launched; followed by the low-cost ezefreeze model in 2012.

In these last 9 years Freeze Master has not had a single machine from the new range of models returned with unexplained gas loss. Freeze Master electric pipe-freezing machines do not need gas top-ups, re-gassing or regular service checks.

A Freeze Master electric pipe-freezing machine is powerful, fast, efficient, and reliable. Choose Freeze Master.

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Freeze Master Plumbing pipe-freezer ezefreeze Executive Hire Show 2017
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