Bosch Builds-in Connectivity

Aimed at: Pros who need to monitor and adjust their cordless tools.

Pros: Sophisticated approach to monitoring that is future proofed.

National Abrasives Introduce Sianet

Aimed at: Pros and discerning amateurs who want effective and almost completely free sanding with machines.

Pros: Long lasting Sianet abrasive, Dust Director Pads give excellent dust collection and all the formats you need for all machines.

STIXALL Double Sided Tape

Aimed at: Discerning users who need STRONG double sided tape.

Pros: So good you can make it stick on almost anything and the bond is strong too – try it to hang pictures, even!

Reisser Screws – Look Sharp!

WhyBuy..? Premium quality screws; Comprehensive range; Anti-split design; Easy start/drive thread; Corrosion protected


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