A Look at the Top Safety Equipment for Welders

No matter what industry you work in, accidents can, and often do, happen. This is true of welders, who are susceptible to radiation burns and arc eye, which is why there are several types of personal protection that every welder should have access to. Whether you are renting equipment for a one-off DIY welding job or looking at a career in welding, never start a fabrication job unless you have everything you need on hand to protect your skin and eyes.

Demolition Screwdriver Refined – punch holes effortlessly and safely with the Wiha dowel racket

Hand tool manufacturer Wiha presents an innovative new product making it easier than ever to insert dowels into soft materials. Unique in its shape and versatility, the dowel racket allows users to safely insert dowels without a drill.

A simple strike of a hammer on this new hand screwdriver avoids the need for heavier power tools, and guards against the risk of electrocution, should users hit hidden wires or cables beneath the plaster, thanks to the galvanic separation in the solid steel cap.

Kärcher redefines pressure washer cleaning with new trigger gun

Reinventing the feel: Zero Power, Full Force
Introducing "EASY!Force" the patent-packed concept’s most exciting innovation is the trigger, which is pushed into the handle with the ball of the hand. This change means when the trigger is operated, the recoil of the water jet automatically presses the trigger into the hand for effortless use. The reduced force prevents hand and finger strain and in turn muscle cramps; ideal for both those operating machines frequently and inexperienced hirers who haven’t the grip strength for prolonged use.

Heavy-duty Master air coolers

As the cooling season is approaching, Master Climate Solutions offers high performance cooling equipment for spring and summer. Master portable air coolers BC 180 and BC 340 are ideal for rental companies, industry and the logistics sector.

ABUS SmartVest Wireless Alarm System - Security Gets Smart

The launch of the ABUS SmartVest Alarm and Smart Home system is a timely introduction into the growing Smart Home market. The system easily integrates its alarm package into ABUS’ well-developed CCTV programme and offers what consumers want from their Smart Home product, including that Smart Home Plug. 

MASTER BV 500 heater - the new aspect of heating

MASTER Climate Solutions has introduced a new and absolutely innovative indirect oil heater - MASTER BV 500 - which perfectly combines the best features of the existing BV and AIR BUS ranges. This top quality, portable air heater is suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular for construction and industry.

ABUS Door Closers – Closing Doors Safely and Quietly

ABUS UK are introducing the ABUS Door Closers providing a convenient and safe solution for shutting doors quietly and securely. ABUS Door Closers eliminate the frustration of doors that bang, and doors that don’t shut properly allowing draughts.

Fire doors must be self-closing to comply with legislation and ABUS Door Closers can provide this for both residential and commercial properties. The top-fitting door closers are easy to install and are suitable for almost any door size and design.

Klingspor Launch New Diamond Cutting Range

Klingspor is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of high performance diamond cutting tools.

Klingspor’s vast experience in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Logistics has been focused on this new range.  Significant investment in a new European state-of-the-art Production facility in Ukraine ensures that Klingspor’s reputation as a leading worldwide quality manufacturer is enhanced further, guaranteeing products of superior quality and reliability.

ABUS CodeLoxx Makes Locksmith and Customer HAPPY!

Yoursecurelocksmiths, Nottingham, with Jake Theisen as the English/German partner, discovered the ABUS CodeLoxx product, with its ease of use, security offering and suitability for his customers, and managed to order them for his own premises from ABUS Germany.

Then, a customer with a block of flats visited the business and loved Codeloxx, immediately recognising the flexibility and combined security offered, and decided it should be fitted to every flat when vacant. Now each time a new flat without CodeLoxx becomes empty, one is ordered and fitted straight away.


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