VIDEO: New Van Vault range tackles tool theft and achieves police standard

AS PART of its drive to tackle tool theft crime, Van Vault, the originators of in-vehicle secure storage, has launched a market leading new product range.

Last year saw around 280,000 tool theft crimes across the UK. With the average value of tools left in tradespeople’s vans costing £2,880, Van Vault understands the importance of helping protect tools and deter thieves with effective secure storage solutions.

With a break-in taking as little as 10 seconds, the new range has introduced key enhancements, which will be fundamental in making it much harder to steal valuable power tools and equipment.

Deborah Hunt, Van Vault Marketing Manager, said: “Tool theft is a massive issue facing tradespeople today and it’s on the rise. One in three tradespeople have had tools stolen.

“With our new range, we have reacted to what customers really want: the best security, functionality and quality, which gives them peace of mind.”

The new product launch follows 18 months of development work and features eight new products offering advanced protection, including the traditional box style containers and the easy to use drawer slides, which are unique to the Van Vault brand.

Not only has the product been upgraded, it has also been independently tested and certified by Sold Secure, an independent test house for security products owned by the Master Locksmith Association. All eight Van Vaults were subjected to six different levels of rigorous attack by trained professionals and were all found to be impenetrable.

Van Vault is also the first vehicle storage product on the market to be accredited by Secured by Design - the UK’s Police approved standard. Secured by Design promotes products which prevent crime and it is the only form of police approval for UK products.

All of the key areas of attack have been strengthened including a cross-bar reinforced lid which is next to impossible to prise open. A new highly-effective VaultLock™ locking system has been introduced which sits deep within the body of the box shielded by a hardened steel plate, protecting from drilling, picking and cutting.

The products also now come with an anti-theft fixing kit to ensure they can be properly mounted to the vehicle floor.

Deborah added: “The upgraded vehicle range underwent considerable research and rigorous testing, to ensure it provided customers with a product that helps secure tools and makes the working day of a tradesperson easier.”

Following strong customer demand, Van Vault has also improved its storage space and functionality with the new range, introducing a wide mouth drop front to the storage containers, which provides greater access and visibility of the contents inside.

A recessed lock also protects the key from damage, when left in the lock and an easy-lift gas strut through the body of the box, ensures a soft open and close lid action and maximises storage space.

Celebrating its 21st anniversary this year, Van Vault is a UK-leading brand for storing and securing tools in vehicles. Its range is available in a variety of sizes, each designed for use in different types of vehicles.

Cyber Essentials accreditation: 1 in 5 businesses unaware of benefits

A WORRYING number of UK businesses are still not aware of the benefits of the Government-backed Cyber Essentials Scheme, according to a recent survey from CyberGuard, part of the OGL Group.

Almost a fifth of IT managers reported that they were unaware of how Cyber Essentials compliance could help their business, with 10% unsure of whether their company even had the certificate.

According to the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018, 43% of businesses have experienced cyber security breaches or attacks over the last 12 months.

This is particularly concerning since 56% of businesses hold personal data on customers in the cloud. However, there are methods that can be implemented to reduce the risk of data breaches. One such way is through being Cyber Essentials accredited.

Paul Colwell, Chief Technology Officer at CyberGuard, said: “Here at CyberGuard, we encourage companies to become Cyber Essentials certified since it can help protect against most common cyber-attacks.”

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme which launched in June 2014. It aims to help all organisations protect themselves against cyber-attacks. When an organisation is fully compliant, they will receive a certificate to show stakeholders and customers that they have the necessary safety measures in place to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack. Cyber Essentials is a quality standard in many industries, and a necessity for businesses looking to win certain Government contracts.

In a bid to understand how many businesses employ methods to reduce cyber security risks, cyber security company, CyberGuard, surveyed 251 IT managers in UK companies, ranging from small businesses (20-49 employees) to large companies (750 employees or greater). The survey focussed on whether or not the business had achieved the Cyber Essentials certification.

The results revealed that 19% of IT managers were unaware of the benefits of having a Cyber Essentials certification, with 10% unsure of whether or not their business even had the certificate.

Of the businesses without Cyber Essentials accreditation, two thirds (67%) said that a lack of understanding had been the primary barrier to them applying, with 42% citing a lack of funds.

Almost a third (29%) suggested that they did not consider it important.

In terms of small businesses with between 20 and 49 employees, 33% claimed they either were not Cyber Essentials certified or were not sure. This compares to just 6% of larger, enterprise organisations: for example, those with over 750 employees.

This finding is particularly worrying for both consumer and employee privacy; according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018, 42% of SMEs had experienced at least one cyber-attack in the past year. SMEs are at a higher risk of data breaches when compared to large organisations, but are less likely to have Cyber Essentials certification in place.

However, while there continues to be a lack of awareness around cyber security, there are some positives. The vast majority of the businesses surveyed (81%) stated they were Cyber Essentials certified, with 69% reporting that they understood the benefits of being so.

There is a clear case for being certified

Of those accredited, 84% claimed it has helped their business to win contracts, with other respondents highlighting the importance of the certificate in reassuring their customers.

Paul concluded: “In 2019, it should be paramount that businesses who rely on technology protect customer and employee information – as well as their own.

“Becoming Cyber Essentials certified is a great start to implementing strong and secure cyber security practices.”

Innovative Armorgard van storage system TrekDror for the trade professional

OVER the years, Armorgard has designed and built some of the toughest tool safes, from Strongbank to TuffBank, to create a range of secure storage solutions used by skilled tradespeople around the world.

Now, the company has taken a step further with the introduction of what is being billed as “the most sophisticated system of its kind for van fleets.”

Designed specifically for cargo vans, Armorgard’s TrekDror van storage solution, is a lightweight, ultra-strong, customisable system consisting of stackable, secure modules to maximise the interior load space and keep everything organised in vehicles, from small cargo vans and pickup trucks to large panel vans.

TrekDror is available in three different sizes and multiple configurations, has a removable drawer with +80% extension, and can hold over 1,000kg weight on top of it.

For details Call 023 9238 0280

The Preparation Group's 250SP grinds and polishes up to edges

THE Preparation Group, a leading expert in environmentally friendly solutions for surface preparation, polishing, cleaning and dust containment, has launched the new 110v 250SP Single-Head Grinder.

Of steel construction with a powerful motor, yet light and compact, it offers optimum grinding and polishing performance combined with simplicity and ergonomic design.

Developed specifically for the hire market for small commercial and domestic projects, the 250SP has a wide range of interchangeable diamond accessories for cleaning and keying all types of surfaces, removing concrete laitance, smoothing and levelling, de-scaling and removing glue, bitumous adhesives and paint.

The guard has a removeable section to enable the disc to prepare and polish right up to vertical edges that are usually inaccessible.

A unique feature is that the 250SP is also ideal for economical wet polishing of hard, previously ground surfaces such as concrete, with a water pipe port to feed water onto the surface and a range of resin polishing pads.

An adjustment lever lifts and lowers the wheel height and along with the built-in spirit level, allows the operator a level, even connection with the surface.

The adjustable handle enables a comfortable operating position and folds down for compact transportation and storage.

Says Kate Walshaw, Group Hire Manager, said: "The 250SP Grinder was very well received at the EHS with visitors remarking on its ease of use and portability.

"It’s versatility, low operating costs and low maintenance yields impressive ROI and hire potential."

For further information or a demonstration call The Preparation Group on 01522 561460.

JCB Workwear release two new products to enhance protection

PEOPLE skidding and falling as they walk down the street, the sound of sniffling around the office and people complaining about standstill traffic can only mean one thing: the winter months are setting in.

Safety is paramount around this time of year, especially for tradespeople, and the best way to minimise danger is through wearing the latest protective equipment.

JCB Workwear’s new products are designed to meet the high requirements and demands for a wide number of industries, including the tool sector.


JCB Workwear’s newly released XSERIES Black Boots provide ultimate protection for workers’ feet with their inner aluminium toe cap and outer heavy-duty scuff cap and heel protection, all the while delivering the latest in comfort and durability.

Additionally, the sleek, heavy-duty XSERIES is lightweight and features a water-repellent design through its material of black leather, to protect against the cold, wet and damp months.

Within the construction industry, sharp objects on the floor pose a significant and all-too-common threat for both outdoor and indoor workplaces.

The XSERIES boots have been tested against EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards, which means the Kevlar midsole protection will resist a penetration force of 1100N, as well as providing thermal insulation. In addition, the aluminium toe cap will withstand a 200-joule impact.

The new XSERIES footwear is also a product that is SRC slip-resistance tested. This means it has been SRA tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution; and SRB tested on smooth steel with glycerol.

The XSERIES Black Boots provide a 5-loop fasten with black and gold round lace, and as an added benefit for those working in high temperatures, is a heat resistant to 300˚C.

The Baselayer: D+SA and D+SB

JCB Workwear’s Baselayer is made up of the D+SA top and the D+SB bottoms, which are made up of 100% polyester and come in sizes medium, large and extra-large.

It is easy to wash and dry, and keeps its colour and shape before and after wear.

The D+SA and D+SB both provide high performance antimicrobial fabric ACTIO:PRO™: a fabric which wicks away moisture from the skin.

This is beneficial as it provides a body climate-controlling aspect to suit its user in both hot and cold weather. Both items also have SPF50+ UV Protection, blocking 99% of UV radiation.

Snickers Workwear Baselayers to boost productivity during the winter months

DRESSING for the cold is like building a house – start with a good foundation.

Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing uses high-tech breathable fabrics for ventilation and body moisture transport for consistent warmth and comfort.

The seamless designs are available in 37.5® ventilating technology as well as polyester and merino wool to cold weather conditions.

The cutting-edge FLEXIWork and LITEwork designs and fabrics will keep users warm and dry – so they will not get cold, wet and shiver. All the garments are made from quick drying, lightweight fabrics that come with special ventilation features to control and regulate the heat from the wearer’s body.

All in all, Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing will provide the kind of warm, dry and fresh working comfort that users would not have thought possible. That is why Snickers Workwear is the brand of choice for working outside in the winter.

To get the more information on Snickers Workwear Baselayer Clothing, call the Snickers Helpline on: 01484 854788


TB Davies’ two game changing products are setting the bar high

WITH a heritage spanning four generations, Cardiff-based TB Davies is leading the way with height and ladder technology and have two innovative new products to prove it.

Little Giant Safety Cage

First up, the Little Giant Safety Cage, which features a bottom-rung signal and has a 150kg maximum load.

The Ground Cue trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding the staff member it is safe to step off the ladder. The Safety Cage is constructed with a non-conductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite.

The product is mobile and lightweight compared to other enclosed platform options like scaffolds or powered lifts, so customers can use it in areas like stages or interstitial levels – where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder could never go.

The Safety Cage allows operators to work hands-free in any direction in complete safety because, unlike platform step ladders, its wrap-around guardrail actually encloses the operator completely in total compliance with tie-off rules.

The product comes in Little Giant’s patent-pending Hi-Viz Green and provides a selfenclosing platform which is versatile – a safe alternative to ordinary step ladders.

Specifically, the Safety Cage comprises a full-enclosed platform and a five-inch kick plate and mid-span. Additionally, it has a slim storage profile; and tip-and-glide wheels for easy transport.

Tubesca X-Tower

The second innovative product within TB Davies’ portfolio is the Tubesca X-Tower, which saw TB Davies join forces with Tubesca-Comabi – France’s market leader for ladders and access equipment.

As a result, TB Davies became Tubesca-Comabi’s preferred partner for industrial and professional ranges in the UK.

The revolutionary X-Tower is unique in more ways than one: it is both the world’s first industrial telescopic tower and the world’s tallest telescopic tower.

This industrial quality tower is designed for regular use and is an ideal option for both site maintenance and the hire industry

Safe operation

As with all the products TB Davies supply, safety is key. The user is never exposed to a fall while erecting the tower, which can be built within three minutes from the ground to a platform of 2.8 metres (with a working height of 4.8 metres).

The X-Tower’s sturdy structure is designed to avoid jamming problems, and provides a base that is completely captive with no loose parts, set on four locking castors that can be adjusted for use on uneven ground. The X-Tower has only two parts: the tower and the folding, anti-slip platform with a trap door.

TB Davies currently sells over a dozen products from Tubesca-Comabi including the Raptor, Profort Xtend, Sherpascopic, MP Pro, and Probat.

Surface preparation expert returns to Executive Hire Show

TO continue supporting the European rental market, US-based surface preparation manufacturer, National Flooring Equipment returns to the Executive Hire Show.

You will find a range of its walk-behind and ride-on-floor strippers, as well as its newly launched equipment on stand K6 at the Ricoh Arena.

On the stand, National Flooring Equipment will showcase its 5000 cinq-mille and 5700 ride-on-floor strippers. The 5000 is a compact ride-on-floor stripper that can be used in a range of applications, including soft and hard goods removal.

The 5700 all-day battery powered ride-on stripper can work for up to 12 hours on a single charge and remove goods in most applications.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see the power hammer trolley. Working with an upright power hammer can be uncomfortable, making it more di cult to work e ciently. Contractors can use the trolley to change the angle of the power hammer, making it more ergonomic to manoeuvre.

National Flooring Equipment will also be launching a new shot blaster at the show. The new machine will strip, clean and profile concrete in a single step, increasing productivity. Contractors can visit stand K6 to find out more.

PlastiKote's new Trade spray paint range is the essential addition to any tool bag

PLASTIKOTE'S new Trade spray paints, developed specifically for the trade market, will make life easier for painters, decorators, builders, and other tradespersons.

Until now, no spray paint brand has ever targeted the professional builder and decorator with a complete range of easy-to-use, quickdrying, fit-for-purpose spray products.

PlastiKote's new Trade spray paints are function-focused with a colour-coded, easy to navigate collection.

Colour differentiation

The conventional paints are branded orange and these include every day gloss and matt paint colours, Quick Dry Primer Undercoats and Clear Lacquer plus White Satinwood and High Gloss Trim Paint.

Blue-labelled cans denote functional spray paints such as Radiator, Stain Block, Very High Temperature and Anti Slip Paint.

Cans branded green are for more technical products such as Paint Remover, Permanent and Repositional Adhesives, Leak Detector and Degreaser.

All in all, there are 34 trade specific products available.

Every can carries clear and practical usage instructions with the cap indicating finish and colour.

All the paints are quick drying acrylic, can be used indoors and out, and are well priced.

The everyday paints retail at £6.99 for a 400ml can and the functional and technical products at £7.49 per can. The PlastiKote Trade range is available from all good trade retailers.

Toolbank exhibitor for 2019

The leading brand in the UK’s spray paint market, PlastiKote will be at the Toolbank trade shows in 2019 showcasing the Trade spray paint range to new and existing customers.

Microdiamant appoint Master Abrasives as UK and Irish market representative

MASTER Abrasives has been appointed the UK and Ireland representative for the range of diamond products for fine grinding, lapping and polishing applications manufactured by Swissbased Microdiamant AG.

The products added to Master Abrasives Superabrasives range can be split into a few categories, including Micron Diamond Powders for the superfinishing of hard materials with demanding specifications for surface quality and dimensional accuracy.

Micron Diamond Powders are offered in a comprehensive product range in micron and sub-micron size range, and in synthetic and natural diamond.

Paul Batson, Master Abrasives’ managing director, said: “We were contacted by Microdiamant, the technological leader in this market, who were looking for a UK partner.

“The Swiss company are the only European diamond microniser with fully integrated production. The new partnership between Master and Microdiamant is a positive step forward for both companies.”

Alongside the Micron Diamond Powders, Master Abrasives also now offer both engineered and ready-to-use diamond slurries for various industries, used for lapping and polishing of hard materials.

Engineered slurries offer flexibility in order to achieve optimal performance, process stability and cost-effectiveness.

The ready-to-use diamond slurries combine the highest-level of precision-graded micron diamond sizes with chemical formulations, offering an exceptional removal rate and surface quality.

They also enable customers to achieve high performance, while minimising total process cost.

As part of the Microdiamant range, Master Abrasives now also offer liquid diamond GAFs, diamond compounds and grinding pads, composite polishing pads, polishing pads and metallography products as other sections of their extensive product portfolio.

Microdiamant manufactures diamond products in all common diamond types; natural, monocrystalline, polycrystalline and nanocluster, and in diamond sizes ranging from 18 nanometres up to 100 microns.


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