BoSS TASKFORCE CASE STUDY with a Shade Greener & Hi Point Scaffolding


BoSS is the leading access tower brand in the United Kingdom, providing comprehensive and versatile tower systems to domestic, commercial and industrial projects across the country. 

Whilst the majority of towers are straightforward builds up to 8m externally or 12m internally, therefore covered by product standard EN1004:2004, the team at BoSS identified an opportunity to use the systems to replace the traditional tube and fitting scaffolds used on bigger projects, using EN1004 components but outside the scope of that standard.

PASMA: On top of towers!

PAS 250 is the Publicly Available Specification sponsored by PASMA and developed in collaboration with the British Standards Institution (BSI). 

Get ladder competent says Ladder Association

The Ladder Association is the only trade body dedicated exclusively to providing ladder users with the knowledge, skills and information they need to use ladders and stepladders safely and productively.

Gravity Darts, Game On!

Report by Matthew Beard

Launch of Werner ‘s inventive Partnership with the Professional Darts Corporation and 16-time World Darts Champion, Phil Taylor.

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