How telematics supports a growing plant hire industry

The plant hire industry has a long tradition in the UK and is now worth over £4bn. It is estimated that the construction sector accounts for around two-thirds of the market.

Because the construction industry is susceptible to economic downturns, the plant hire sector is often volatile and extremely competitive. As a result, a significant number of equipment providers try to differentiate themselves on price, which leads to increasingly tight margins and a strong focus on cutting costs.

However despite this approach, the lowest price may not always be the best strategy for attracting new clients or maintaining existing ones. Nowadays, customers’ expectations are increasingly sophisticated and they are looking for bespoke solutions that integrate with legacy systems, deliver genuine cost savings and drive efficiencies that significantly transform operations.

A potential solution is offered by smart telematics solutions that can significantly increase utilisation levels, maximise operational efficiency, strengthen security and drive back office efficiency.

Cost savings

These benefits are possible because telematics provides accurate information and data regarding each piece of equipment, thereby enabling plant hire managers to quickly assess which pieces of machinery need maintenance and why. In this way they can avoid unplanned downtime caused by equipment failure but also improve scheduling by tracking assets’ idleness and run time.

Fuel consumption is another crucial area for significant cost savings. As fuel prices are again on the rise, the ability to track fuel usage, predict when a unit is due for refuelling or understand how to reduce fuel consumption for specific equipment can become a significant competitive advantage.

At the same time, this data feeds into systems to generate accurate diagnostic reporting and real-time visibility into equipment health. This enables plant hire companies to negotiate lower insurance premiums decreasing machinery’s overall running costs.


Another area often overlooked is how assets are secured. With telematics, managers are able to remotely control who can operate the machinery by issuing intelligent ID cards for each asset. This ensures that only specially trained workers can use the equipment, improving health and safety standards and preventing potential accidents and losses.

Furthermore, managers can easily track the exact location for each piece of machinery and set up alarms to warn them when equipment is moved from a certain area. They can also immobilise certain assets remotely. Being able to track and control the equipment is incredibly important when the asset is stolen or if it’s used outside contractual terms.

Improved efficiency

Another major benefit of telematics is a simplified and faster administration system which streamlines internal processes and increases overall organisational efficiency. In this way the organisation saves time and resources while employees are free to focus their energy on more important activities such as moving projects forward and delivering on targets.

Furthermore, by using telematics companies can easily track the CO2 emissions generated by the equipment fleet and plan in advance its environmental strategy, ensuring its compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

At the same time telematics can help plant hire companies to significantly improve the customer experience by quickly identifying exact problems or issues with the machinery remotely. A connected fleet also allows managers to see which engineers are closest to the construction site and intervene in the shortest time possible. The end result is a management strategy specifically built to save time and resource for both customers and their own organisations.

As technology evolves and automation becomes more prevalent in all industries, it’s inevitable that an increasing number of plant hire companies will rely on telematics solutions to keep up with the market trends and customers’ demands.

And this can only help the industry to continue its growth and maximise efficiency. Who can say no to that

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