Wera KK SH 2 Plumbkit: all you need for sanitary/plumbing?

I AM usually very suspicious of kits of tools made up by people other than me because there always seem to be some tools that are there to make up numbers or others that are glaring omissions, writes PETER BRETT.

However, having reviewed the Wera electricians’ kit a while back, I have to be more circumspect. Several sparks that I know wouldn’t be without theirs and, combined with the 2Go cases, reach for theirs before any other tool.

So, with the KK SH 2 Plumbkit I asked the plumbers first and then used it myself for a while before I rushed to judgement.



Wera packaging is so much more than merely stimulating point of sale interest. The design of all of Wera’s products is consistently excellent to reinforce the Wera message of challenging existing standards. This set is no different; a high-quality cardboard box contains the rigid textile box in which the 15 tools are contained. For extra security, a tightfitting clear plastic slip cover helps prevent opportunistic unpacking and thieving.

And of course, retailers like all of this too – both for the security and the clear desirability of the products.


The tools

Because sanitary and plumbing work sometimes needs a bit of electrical input, the inclusion of a small range of screwdrivers is an absolute must. The Wera Kraftform blade-holding VDE handle is accompanied by a PH1 and PH2 VDE driver blades. Phillips screws are more commonly used on electrical fittings because they are supposed to prevent overtightening. But they are also used on grub screws on taps too, so you get two functions for one.

The other two blades are a small (3.5mm) and a larger (5.5mm) slotted screwdriver used on many electrical fittings. Each of the included VDE blades features a reduced blade diameter; this allows access to sunken screws and spring elements that normally will not be accessible without stripping back the insulation.

As with all Wera’s VDE products, the user is safe from shocks up to 1000v when using these screwdrivers correctly.

A small voltage tester with easy clip on the handle is also included for the admirable ‘better safe than sorry’ safety reason that sometimes live current needs to be tested for its presence.


Hex L- keys

Housed next to the screwdriver blades are the four hex L-keys in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm sizes. They are all ball-ended which means that they can still be used at an angle to the screwhead – sometimes very important in a fitting where space is limited. The ‘L’ ends have Wera’s Hex-Plus Profile which prevents rounding the corners of hex screw heads. These L-keys come with a ball-bearing on the long arm, which securely holds the screw onto the tool. This is especially helpful in confined, hard-to-reach spaces, where there is no room for a second hand to hold the fastener.

Colour coded identification of the L-keys makes finding and identifying them simple and even I can read the clear black writing and symbols etched onto the thermoplastic sleeves without my glasses.


One of my favourites

I have a large Wera Chiseldriver that goes to every job with me and it is invaluable, so I have no qualms in accepting the smaller 932A slotted chisel driver being included in this set. On the basis that you ‘never know when you might need one,’ it is a must. It still makes for a tough slotted screwdriver, even when it has been used to chisel up a bit of brick or mortar. It can be safely hit with a hammer because of the solid Pound Thru blade and integrated impact cap, so it is definitely up to the job – and probably more than should be demanded of it.


Interesting… and different

In the course of doing this review, I showed the kit to a few plumbers and general handymen. Without exception, they commented on the Wera Kraftform nutspinners. There are two in the set – to fit 10mm and 13mm nuts. But the big difference is that the shafts of these are hollow, allowing the extra-long bolts used on modern mixer taps to slip into the shaft so that the nuts can be tightened right up to the bottom of the worktop. A lot easier than using a ‘standard’ pipe spanner. Because there are only two, they are easily identifiable by size, but the white etched print on the base of the handle still provides extra identification if needed.

Not jok(er)ing… not an option

Wera’s Joker range of wrenches is famous for being innovative, time-saving and premium in quality. The two included in this kit (again 10mm and 13mm in size) have been carefully chosen to help out in a number of plumbing scenarios. Each has two different ends – an open end and a closed end with a 15 degree offset and a finely-toothed ratchet.

The open end has the very useful metal plate in the jaw, that securely holds nuts and bolts in place, eliminating the risk of dropping them. This allows the user to position the nut or bolt where needed, without the necessity of holding it in place with the other hand.

The closed end has a finely-toothed ratchet mechanism, so that even in small confined space (like underneath a kitchen sink) the nut or bolt can be tightened. The ratchet setting handle is so neat and unobtrusive that it won’t get in the way but is easily reachable with thumb or forefinger when needed. I just love these Joker wrenches – and the chrome-molybdenum construction is extremely resilient so don't worry about applying a lot of torque to them.


Why I like this kit

It is clear after a short examination of it that this kit has been put together with care. As part of the Wera system, it benefits from high quality and thoughtful design and manufacture, as well as superb functionality; it does what is asked of it and will often deliver more in skilful hands. The ‘Take it Easy’ tool finder system and clear size markings make the tools easy to identify, and it is easy to add the kit to the Wera 2go transportation system. By using the piece of adhesive backed hook and loop strip provided in the box, you can mount the kit on the van, workshop or toolbox for easy access.


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