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Tips for setting up as a tradesperson

LIFE as a tradesperson grants a good amount of freedom, varied and enjoyable work, and the ability to hone important and sought-after practical skills.

It is truly a job for life, and that is why so many people take on apprenticeships after their time at school, which fast-tracks individuals towards a fulfilling career working a trade.

If you have just emerged from your apprenticeship and are eager to set up your self-employed career as a tradesman, you will find the following tips invaluable to get you off your feet.


You will have accumulated a lot of the gear you need as a tradesperson from your apprenticeship, but you will still need an adequate mode of transport for yourself and your tools if you are to be a mobile businessman ready to leap up in the morning and hit a job.

Take a look at your options where transport is concerned. Vans tend to be extremely expensive; it may instead be worth searching for trailer spares UK to look at cheaper options that mean you will not have to sell your day-to-day vehicle.

A small trailer full of tools is also easier to safely store in a garage away from thieves.

Name or Brand

How you proceed with the set-up of your personal brand, business name and initial publicity drive will be up to you. Plenty of tradespeople find jobs quickly and as such never pay much heed to getting their name out there; they are just a tradesperson who is in demand.

Other times, during sustained lulls, it’s useful to print and post some flyers, put up some posters, or otherwise get advertising on the internet as a registered and reliable tradesperson. Getting noticed is all you will need to get on your feet quickly.

Work Ethic

When you are starting out, you want to impress people enough that they will recommend you to friends. Work hard, efficiently and with the right attitude - with friendliness towards your clients and punctuality and humility, which will see you highly-esteemed.

Hand out business cards after completing all jobs in which your clients are happy, and they will be sure to recommend you on. A good work ethic also means you’ll be working at your very peak, which means you will be maximising those profits.

Think Business

It is not particularly in a tradesperson’s apparent remit to be business-savvy, but that is exactly what you are going to have to be when you set up and go searching for projects.

The best tradespeople seem always to have a 'job to be off to', balancing plenty of jobs at the same time, but that kind of work is derived from creating a base.

Think smart when you are just starting out. You want to have enough work in the future that you need to take on an apprentice yourself. A personal website is a smart move, as it will set you apart from other tradespeople who operate without a site.

Starting out as a tradesperson is an incredibly exciting and independent stage in life, and these tips should help you hit the ground running so that you are able to take an apprentice on yourself for some time.


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