Office renovation tips

RENOVATING an office complex is one of the more common tasks for a construction company.

It is also one which needs a tremendous amount of thought, care and attention as you will want to deliver offices that are suitable for that particular business so no two projects will be the same.

There are a few key areas that always require extra attention, however, so make sure that you know exactly what is required and carry the work out with extra care and precision.

Read on for a few tips for office complex renovation which should help the project to be a success.

Understand the client's goals

As with any project, it is vital that you first understand exactly what the client wants.

This will include key factors such as how will they be using the space, what issues do they want to overcome/avoid, why they are getting changes made now, who will occupy the space and similar questions.

You also need to identify if there are any physical or financial limitations and if the building will be occupied while you carry out the work.

Work with the building strengths

Every building has its own strengths, so you need to look at its best features and work with these. If it has great views out of one window, for example, then you could look to open the office up to let everyone enjoy this view and bring in more natural light (a key element in any office complex).

Curb appeal

It is, of course, important to deliver a practical and attractive office space, but do not overlook the importance of curb appeal too.

This is particularly important if it is a business that regularly has clients visiting and will need to make a good first impression.

Curb appeal can be improved with plant life, ample parking, placards, glass doors, etc.


Safety is a key component of office renovation, so you need to keep this in mind at all times.

This will involve having fire exits, safety signs, ventilation, alarms and more. You should also make the area safe while carrying out the renovation work by closing areas off and placing warning signs around.


One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to office renovation is the bathroom.

This is a space which will be used frequently by everyone in the building so it should be a welcoming and well-designed space.

This should include commercial toilet cubicles which are secure, visually pleasing and of the highest quality.

This will have a huge impact on how people feel when they are in the building so it is an area that needs careful consideration.

Office renovation is a common yet difficult task for construction companies.

No two projects are the same and you must always carefully work with the client to understand their goals, but you should also keep the above aspects in mind as these are key factors no matter who the client is.

By listening, asking questions and keeping the key aspects in mind, it should help you to deliver a sleek, functional and attractive office complex for the client.


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