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IN A SPEECH in February, Prime Minister Theresa May revealed there is more to her Government than Brexit by announcing new measures to boost housebuilding.

The PM’s government also provided alternative methods to deal with the ‘housing crisis,’ such as allowing an extra two storeys to be added to houses and flats.

When developing houses, building companies and tradesmen need to know all about the current market for hiring or buying tools.

In a complex marketplace, it’s essential that they receive expert advice. So step forward PAL Hire’s Director, Dan Daintry, whose nationwide company is at the forefront of the booming sector.

Dan, who is based in Greater Manchester, said: “With the housing market as competitive as it is, more and more people are choosing to renovate their own homes rather than moving house.

“This has led to an increase in projects across the country, which means more people need to hire tools to do the job.

“We all know the importance of having the right tool for the job, but when the job you’re doing might only be a one-off job. Ask yourself, is it really worth paying for a piece of kit you’ll never use again? I don’t think it is.

“This is where hire specialists PAL Hire can help. We provide customers with an access to a wide range of tools and equipment at the fraction of the cost of the purchase.”

Unfortunately for tool manufacturers, the tool hire industry is a casual one and there is no correlation to work off to what hire companies specifically require, as Dan further explained.

He said: “When a customer wants a particular tool, it’s up to a hire firm to have that particular product ready to go.

“That’s why it’s important to have a range of products on standby to deal with covering a whole range of tasks – this can lead to good financial practice.”

Dan also revealed the hire market has always been strong as it allows both domestic and commercial customers to access tools and equipment which they may not have the financial resources to obtain. For these clients, there wouldn’t be any general value in an option to buy.

Dan continued: “With so many industries requiring to hire tools for renovation, landscaping, demolition and construction, people will always require temporary access to job specific equipment. “In short, as long as people are working – there will be people wanting to hire.”

Like most industries, tool hire is a sector trying to improve energy efficiency in order to reduce downtime. Dan believes ‘insider knowledge’ about the hire or sale of tools can mean large cash savings.

He said: “It’s more important to select the right tool for the job and not to pick a cheaper alternative. Also, make sure the job is done properly, and it will cost less in the long term.”

Dan explained that when choosing between buying and hiring, it’s important to consider the following:

  • How often will equipment be used?
  • The full hire price v. outright purchase
  • Delivery costs
  • Finance options - what is the finance rate?
  • When responding to a commercial enquiry, it is also pivotal to understand what the depreciation period is.

Dan’s many years as a leading figure in the sector have shown him that by working together, customers and clients can make the entire hiring process easier.

He concluded: “It’s always easier if customers do their research on what equipment is suitable for the task at hand, and they should always check equipment reviews if they are unsure.”


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