Bahco’s new tool storage system saves valuable time for aerospace engineers

GLOBAL hand-tool manufacturer Bahco worked with aerospace engineers to develop their latest ergonomic tool storage and management system to help professional users to save valuable time.

Displaying groups of tools logically in the smooth-sliding drawers of Bahco’s tough storage trolleys enables engineers and technicians to find whatever they need without delay. A ‘push’ device enables easy removal from stain-resisting foam inlays.

Utilising Bahco’s ‘configurator’ software, engineers can choose the size and colour of trolley they prefer, as well as the number of drawers and inlay format.

Colour coding in each drawer shows where a tool has been removed, helping to combat the risk of foreign object damage.

For professionals on the move Bahco offers a range of heavy-duty portable tool boxes, all with colour-coded foam inlay drawers - which are lockable for security when travelling.

Specialised Bahco ergonomic tools, ideal for working on engines or avionics, are designed to protect even the toughest hands from painful muscular and skeletal disorders.

Virtually indestructible

Bahco’s ‘toolbox’ is virtually indestructible and is designed to enable airport security staff to approve it for travel without undue delay.

It is a popular product across various sectors such as aerospace, automotive and oil/gas industries.

Precision torque tools include electronic torque angle wrenches and mechanical torque wrenches with adjustable head.

Also available are electronic torque wrenches with a fixed or reversible ratchet head torque screwdrivers with pre-set torque values, electronic torques, and angle measuring adaptors.

Bahco 4750 tool storage and management system aerospace engineers Bahco’s ‘configurator’ software
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