APS welcomes the feminine touch in construction

WOMEN have much to contribute to making construction a safer and healthier profession the Association for Project Safety (APS) said last week.  

Celebrating International Women’s Day, the APS said it was keen to welcome more women into its ranks of professional design and construction health and safety risk management experts.

APS chief executive, Lesley McLeod, said that currently men outnumbered female members by around nine to one but there was no obvious reason for the imbalance. She said there was no reason why women could not reach the top of the health and safety career ladder as they had all the right skills, knowledge and experience.

APS chief executive, Lesley McLeod said: “Women can climb to the top of the design and construction health and safety ladder. But the construction sector, across the board, needs to look at what barriers it is putting in people’s way because, undoubtedly, there is an huge gender imbalance in the industry.

“The Association for Project Safety (APS) has a National Membership but we want to extend a special welcome to women in construction. We know the industry’s male dominated image can be a bit off putting but there are no barrier to advancement in the association or thought the industry. The APS itself has a female president and the headquarters team bucks the industry trend being staffed almost entirely by a dedicated team of women.

“Female construction professionals have all the skills, knowledge and experience to forge rewarding careers and make a lasting contribution to a better and safer built environment. International Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that construction has opportunities for everyone – all you need is dedication, hard work and a willingness to keep on learning.”


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