Brand new Draper Expert diagnostic and electronic touch screen service tablet

BRAND new to the Draper Expert automotive range is a wireless Diagnostic Tablet (stock no: 12044), enabling technicians to diagnose vehicle faults and perform individual advanced electronic service functions.

Quick and simple to use, this multifunctional diagnostics tool has full system diagnosis coverage. It’s a comprehensive piece of kit for any technician, covering 48 vehicle manufacturers of American, Asian and European vehicles.

It offers complete OBD-II diagnostic functions. Unlike some others on the market, there are no lock out or catch up fees and there’s 12 months of free updates. The tablet will quickly read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, making it ideal for both simple MOT and servicing requirements as well as advanced electronic maintenance and diagnostics.

Using the touch screen device couldn’t be easier: simply plug the wireless OBD-II connector into the vehicle and it will wirelessly communicate between the vehicle and the tablet.

With many service functions, this tablet really does help make technicians lives easier. Primary electronic functions include:

  • oil reset;
  • electronic parking brake reset;
  • battery management system reset;
  • steering angle sensor reset;
  • ABS brake bleeding reset;
  • DPF reset;
  • injector programming;
  • TPMS reset;
  • anti-theft key programming matching;
  • throttle matching;
  • immobilizer reprograming;
  • SRS / ABS / Airbag; and
  • multi-channel live time data graphing - recordable

Technicians can record selectable multi-channel, real-time diagnostics information – even during a test drive - for subsequent analysis back at base. It can even be customised to print detailed diagnostics reports for customers featuring a company name, logo and contact information. The tablet offers multilingual support and a technical help function too. Plus, it’s fully updatable via the internet for all the latest vehicle data.

Not only is it a diagnostics tool, it’s a fully functioning Lenovo Android tablet too. This means that technicians can take photos and even record videos with sound to enhance record keeping and provide further proof to customers that their issue has been fully investigated and rectified.

The tablet comes supplied with a carry case, ID Vehicle to VCI adaptors, USB power cable, 230V to USB plug and Wireless Bluetooth DBS connector.

Draper Tools’ 12V capacitor jump starter brings even dead batteries to life in minutes

THIS easy-to-use but highly innovative jump starter can be fully primed in approximately two minutes.

It is compact and lightweight yet delivers the same result as a traditional bulky charger.

It’s fitted with advanced capacitor technology that enables the starter to jump start vehicles up to 6L petrol and 3L diesel.

Unlike most on the market, this charger is fitted with an internal battery that energises the inbuilt capacitors, enabling it to start vehicles even when the vehicle’s battery is completely flat.

The unit can be recharged by 12V DC and USB charging cables (supplied).

The LED digital display indicates battery voltage, capacitor charge, lithium battery charge, reverse polarity and function selection.

The unit is fitted with a convenient inbuilt torch with three lighting functions and wrapped in a non-slip protective rubber case.

The stock number for the Draper Tools 12V capacitor jump starter is 82957.

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