Draper's sleek Storm Force tools make able cordless companions

DRAPER’S blue and black Storm Force range of cordless tools is now well established on the market and provides end users with a comprehensive choice of 10.8v and 20v cordless tools at very competitive prices, writes PETER BRETT.

My experience of these tools is that they are competent and well made with most, if not all, of the bells and whistles required by end users these days.

Draper Tools’ 12V capacitor jump starter brings even dead batteries to life in minutes

THIS easy-to-use but highly innovative jump starter can be fully primed in approximately two minutes.

It is compact and lightweight yet delivers the same result as a traditional bulky charger.

It’s fitted with advanced capacitor technology that enables the starter to jump start vehicles up to 6L petrol and 3L diesel.

Unlike most on the market, this charger is fitted with an internal battery that energises the inbuilt capacitors, enabling it to start vehicles even when the vehicle’s battery is completely flat.

Draper 20V Storm Force - one battery system and three tools

SOME readers might already be familiar with the Draper 10.8v Storm Force Range reviewed in these pages a while back, writes PETER BRETT.

The launch of three 20v tools to add to these will be welcomed by those users who need a bit more power and capability – think enthusiastic amateurs and light trades.

There are lots of features to note in the range, but dealers and end users alike will appreciate the keen pricing and multiple battery options that are flexible enough to satisfy most users, and also allow options to upgrade and change as conditions change.

New Range of Socketry from Draper

Aimed at: Pros and amateurs who need compact sets for a small range of jobs.

Pros: Neatly encased, versatile, well organised with the common sizes included.

Finding the Level with Draper

Aimed at: Pros and demanding DIYers who can appreciate the extra accuracy and quality needed for a good job.

Pros: well priced but well made with some unique features and good dial visibility.

Draper 160L 230V Cement Mixer

WhyBuy...? Well priced; Good capacity; Two operating heights; Big wheels for easy moving; Compact enough for a van

Draper 160L 230V Cement Mixer

There is a special logic to this mixer – the 160 litre capacity means that it can use one 25kg bag of cement per mix – making it much easier to get a consistent mix. A full load of sand/aggregate mixture, cement and water is roughly 90 litres so with an actual mixing capacity of 110 litres, there is more than enough space in the drum.

Self-assembly is the key to the pricing of this machine, but it is not difficult if you follow the correct sequence – USE THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET!

Draper STORMFORCE 10.8v -Choose What You Like

The Draper STORMFORCE collection is a set of cordless tools that offers users lots of choice. There are five tools in the range so far – a Drill/driver, a Combi hammer drill, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw and a cordless ratchet.  

Commonly powered by a 10.8v Lithium Ion battery they can be bought as a complete kit with charger and spare battery, or “bare”. you can acquire a decent range of tools without having to buy any “unwanted extras”.



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