GYS launches its most powerful induction heating system

GYS, who are well known for their welding machines and battery charging equipment, also now make a range of four induction heaters.

Induction heating as a process is now becoming ever more popular as users discover its capabilities and safety advantages as it enables the application of heat without flame. The most recent introduction to the range, is the 16000 Watt Powerduction 160LG.

Induction is a versatile heating process providing instant and powerful heat to release / separate dissimilar metals of preheat steel, or with some machines aluminium as well, for a range of purposes. The process of induction creates heat through the use of electromagnetism to create eddy currents within the metal. The characteristics of this process are that the metal is heated from the inside out and that is the only object metal that is heated, surrounding parts are not heated.

The GYS range includes machines for every application from small bolt removal, dedicated car body tools to single and three phase high power units from 3.7KW to 16KW, with liquid cooling for heavy duty applications and industrial use.

For a comparison of the respective Powerduction machines, see the video below:

Powerduction has a simple digital display and control panel for precise power control. A range of quick change accessories offers improved accessibility for a variety of applications.

The GYS Powerduction range is designed and manufactured by GYS in France and supported in the UK by the wholly owned GYS subsidiary in Rugby, and a network of dealers nationwide.

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