STAHLWILLE is one of Germany's TOP 100 innovators

STAHLWILLE, the tool specialist from Wuppertal, Germany, has been selected as one of the 100 most innovative small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in Germany.

This highly acclaimed innovation seal of approval has been awarded for over 20 years and, this year, the mentor is the physicist and journalist Ranga Yogeshwar. The jury was particularly impressed by the way this tradition-based enterprise has integrated the philosophy of innovation in its organisation and the day-to-day work and lives of its staff.

TOP 100 is the only competition in Germany that assesses and attests a company's approach to innovation management, and is recognised as being among the most important awards for innovative SMEs. STAHLWILLE is one of the enterprises granted membership of the elite Club of Excellence in 2017 – a company that can look back over more than 150 years of tradition in the development and manufacture of high-quality handtools, and renowned among professionals for its outstanding reputation, in particular in the field of torque technology.

The members of the jury were particularly impressed by the way STAHLWILLE has embedded the idea of innovation in the enterprise's organisational processes: in 2014 this specialist for torque technology laid the foundations for providing innovative solutions to the increasing requirements of its customers in aerospace, transport, energy and industry generally well into the future. The fields of product development, product management and marketing were unified into one division, and the innovation strategy, by the code name of "Nordstern" (North Star), implemented jointly by all staff with a view to activating the know-how of all STAHLWILLE employees across all levels of the enterprise and all hierarchical grades. At the same time, a decision was taken to upgrade the torque technology section to the highest priority to cater for the fact that, throughout industry, the requirements for professional fastener tightening are increasing steadily and users are often faced with the question of how to document their work and ensure legally watertight evidence of the quality of their activities.

"These changes in the enterprise structure and the implementation of a culture of reciprocal dialogue have, at the end of the day, enabled us to launch many innovations in recent years that have drawn the attention of the market", says Winfried Czilwa, Chief Executive Officer of STAHLWILLE. As part of this approach, STAHLWILLE has considerably expanded its range of electronic, logging torque products, which has much simplified complex processes in production and quality assurance. In the last year, STAHLWILLE launched numerous new products – such as the compact SmartCheck torque tester and the VDE torque wrench for bolt tightening on "live" components up to 1000 volts.

And for 2017 STAHLWILLE has a further set of innovations lined up. A key point of focus is a determined approach to one of the most crucial topics for the future: Industry 4.0. STAHLWILLE is already developing products that can be easily integrated in complex IT system environments and are able to communicate with each other and with the central control station. The first of these products for the field of torque technology are already in the pipeline.

"Examples like these emphasise the fact that innovation management is in reality a part of everyday life. This is why we will bear the TOP100 quality accolade with a great deal of pleasure – in the knowledge that we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. There are still many ideas to explore and transform into innovations – in particular at a time when technological developments are taking place at an ever increasing rate", says Czilwa.

Toolbank Launch NEW Leica Laser Calibration Service


Leica Geosystems is the market leader in measurement technology, and rapidly becoming the fastest growing manufacturer of laser technology products in our industry. 

Leica’s renowned Rugby range is highly regarded as the best rotational lasers on the market, however all lasers should be regularly checked for accuracy, and some applications will require a laser to carry a valid calibration certificate before being used on site.

We are proud to now to offer an in-house calibration service for Leica rotational lasers.

Which lasers can be calibrated?

Although most professional lasers can be calibrated, using the Leica Calmaster system we will only service Leica Rugby rotational lasers.  These include:

Leica Rugby 600 series:

                  Rugby 610            Horizontal levelling Only

                  Rugby 620            Horizontal levelling with slope

                  Rugby 640            Horizontal & Vertical with slope

                  Rugby 670            Horizontal with gradient control

                  Rugby 680            Horizontal with dual gradient control

Leica Rugby 800 series:

                  Rugby 810            Horizontal levelling with slope

                  Rugby 820            Horizontal with slope matching & gradient control

                  Rugby 840            Horizontal & Vertical with slope & gradient control

                  Rugby 870            Horizontal with gradient control

                  Rugby 880            Horizontal with dual gradient control

The Service:

Toolbank have installed Leica’s Calmaster calibration system, which allows us to check, adjust and provide a calibration certificate for all Leica Rugby lasers. 

Toolbank are accredited as Leica service partners and laser calibration will be as per Leica’s own factory based systems, using Leica equipment and recorded as a service record which will be shared with Leica to provide a service history for each laser.

A calibration certificate will be produced for each serviced laser, showing the actual laser output against the allowable tolerances.  This is valid for one year as proof of calibration.


Home security expert ERA has partnered with former Crimewatch presenter and law enforcement expert Jacqui Hames in a bid to promote safer living and security standards among homeowners nationwide.

Jacqui, who has worked professionally as a Detective within the Metropolitan Police, is renowned for the expert advice and guidance she delivered during her 16 Years as a presenter of the popular TV programme, Crimewatch. The new partnership with ERA will see Jacqui continue to encourage fans to remain vigilant when it comes to home security, via a series of monthly blogs. Focusing on a different topic each month, Jacqui’s advice blogs will be available to view on ERA’s consumer-facing website and will be shared via the company’s social media platforms.

Commenting on the new partnership, Marketing Manager Tania Tams said, “ As a company, we are passionate about promoting best practice when it comes to home security, which is why it is so fantastic to have Jacqui on board. With her help, we will continue to provide consumers with quality, practical advice as well as leading home security products.”

Jacqui added, “I am very much looking forward to working with ERA; it's great to see a company who are so committed to providing more than just good products. Home security is often something we only think about after an incident has occurred, so I am hopeful that my advice blog will remind us all to take that little bit more care when it comes to keeping our homes safe.”

DIY vs Professional Home Security System - Which One is Better?


Should you hire a professional or install your own security systems? Many property owners struggle with this decision. Modern technology enables us to do almost everything at home, including installing security systems. You can buy the equipment and install it by following instructions on the packages. Sometimes, homeowners opt for DIY security systems to save costs. When you cannot afford to hire professionals, you will have to secure your home or business with the resources at hand, but you need to weigh the pros and cons of both options to make the right decision.

DIY Security Systems

You can install wireless security systems in your home without any help from a professional. Most of these systems require you to mount cameras at specific locations and insert a disc in your computer. You also need to install recharging lines, which is easy to do. You can also improve security in your home with motion detection floodlights. Such systems are easy to install and most come with straightforward instructions. Simple strategies like keeping your doors and windows locked at night and lighting your outdoor area will enhance security at your home. However, if you want a more sophisticated system, or have a more specific purpose, such as finding the right entry systems for flats, you’d be better off hiring professional security system installers with experience in that area.

Pros of Hiring Professionals

One of the benefits of involving professionals is that you save time. You can sit back and allow the installers to do all the work for you. Professional installers are trained to handle all types of security systems. Hence, you can install the best systems, which in most cases require wiring. Securing your home seems simple, especially when you watch online tutorials, but you are likely to miss a connection if you are not properly trained. Professionals will do a perfect job and ensure that all systems are working properly before leaving.

Another advantage of involving a professional is that they can educate you on how each system works. Professionals can help you choose the best system for your property and advice on what to do if the system malfunctions. Sometimes security services offer discounts, especially when you upgrade your system. You can get the best systems at discounted installations rates if you are keen to follow promotions.

Cons of Hiring Professionals

The main disadvantage of hiring professionals is the installation cost. Installing your own system is cheaper than the installation fees that professionals charge. Another shortcoming is that you have less control of the security system and its function. In the case of a technical problem, you have to call the professionals to fix it. With DIY projects, you can purchase and install simple systems at any time. If you want professional services, you must book an appointment to get the systems installed.

The most important consideration when choosing between DIY projects and professional services is the security of your property. You need peace of mind every time you go to work or on holiday that your home is secure. Hiring professional home security installers guarantees you that your assets are safe. You enjoy professional expertise, advice, and assistance in case of security breaches. You will pay more in terms of installation fees, but you have the assurance that the systems are properly installed.


In a galaxy not so far away, employees from Keyline will morph into their favourite characters from Star Wars, Doctor Who and The X Files as they jump behind the wheel and drive across Europe to raise vital money for Prostate Cancer UK. The specialist supplier of civils and drainage solutions has organised a Sci-Fi themed car rally to the Spanish Pyrenees.

Twenty-four cars made up of teams from Keyline’s staff, along with its suppliers and customers will be hoping to steer clear of the Daleks, Darth Vader and The Terminator, as they travel 1800+ miles in just 5 days. The rally starts on Tuesday 27th June from Northampton. After an overnight sailing from Portsmouth to Santander the cars will trek through the mountains before dropping down to the northeastern coast of Spain. Fundraisers will then make a stop in Les Mans for a fancy dress party before heading back to the UK.

Each year 47,000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer, with over 11,000 men dying from the illness. The money raised from the Keyline rally will help fund vital research into diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the disease.

David Gardner at Keyline, said: “We cannot quite believe that our brave drivers will soon be hitting the road for an incredible eighth year in a row. Our long-standing partnership with Prostate Cancer began in 2010, when the company initially pledged to raise £25,000 in that one year alone. However, our annual rally continues to be a major highlight in the industry calendar, widely supported by our staff, our suppliers and our amazing customers. In total, we have raised more than £1 million for the charity in just seven years!”

Speaking ahead of the event, James Beeby, Director of Fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, added: “We are thrilled that the Keyline Rally is back for its eighth year. The event is always such a highlight on our charity calendar and one we are very proud to be part of. Two of our staff members are gearing up to take the driving seat for the first time and are preparing those all-important costumes.

We really can’t thank Keyline enough for their incredible fundraising efforts for Prostate Cancer UK. The money raised will continue to help funding for research into early diagnosis and better treatments which in turn will help us stop prostate cancer being a killer. I wish everyone taking part the best of luck, may the force be with you!”

If you would like to sponsor the drivers taking part in the 2017 Keyline Rally, visit the Just Giving page here:

British Safety Council International Safety Awards 2017

Awards for exceptional commitment and dedication to workplace health and safety

British Safety Council announces International Safety Award 2017 sector winners and health and safety champions

Lynda Armstrong OBE, Chair of Trustees, and Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, announced the names of the organisations which have been judged best in sector at the 2017 International Safety Awards Gala Dinner, held at London’s Grosvenor House Hotel on 5 May 2017.

The names of the individual winners of the Health and Safety Champion and Young Health and Safety Champion were also revealed. 

Congratulating all the winners of the 2017 International Safety Awards, Lynda Armstrong said: “We are here tonight to celebrate the achievements of 535 winning organisations from across the globe, who have demonstrated to our panel of judges their commitment to keeping their employees healthy and safe. Our warmest congratulations to the award winning organisations and those shortlisted for the Sector and Champions Awards.

“Throughout its 60-year history, the British Safety Council has played a significant role in changing attitudes about the importance of managing risks, both at work and outside. Whether through our campaigns on seat belts, lobbying for a comprehensive legal framework for health and safety or the training of thousands of managers and workers, I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say we have helped save thousands of lives.

“However, we would not have seen these improvements if over the years the businesses hadn’t stepped up to make a difference. Our awards have always been our chance to say thank you for their hard work and to recognise their commitment to keeping people healthy and safe.”

Now in their fifth year, the Health and Safety Champion and Young Health and Safety Champion Awards recognise exceptional individual performance of people who have played a significant role in keeping their work colleagues safe and healthy. For the Health and Safety Champion of the Year Award, organisations nominate employees aged 25 or over. The Young Health and Safety Champion of the Year Award is given to workers aged 16-24.

The Health and Safety Champion award went to Kieren McCafferty, Walker Construction, Kent, while the highly commended award in this category was presented to Stephen Wilkinson, Addison Lee, London.

The winner of the Young Health and Safety Champion award was Sophie Harwood, Waldeck Consulting, whilst the highly commended award was presented to Tom Arkley, Willmott Dixon Interiors Ltd

Those International Safety Award winning organisations that were considered by the panel of judges as outstanding in their respective sectors were honoured with the Sector Awards. This year, the Sector Awards went to the following companies:

Construction and Property Services – L&T Construction TI IC/Kannur International Airport Limited Site

Financial, IT, legal, scientific, technical services and media – Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Hospitality and catering Arsenal Football Club

Local Government, Defence and Public Services – Dubai Municipality – Health and Safety Department

Manufacturing – Kuwait National Petroleum Company – Shuaiba Refinery

Oil, gas, mining and quarrying – Bahrain National Gas Company

Power and utilities Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd

Transportation, distribution and storage – Unipart Rail

Wholesale and retail services – Majid Al Futtaim.

In his closing remarks, Mike Robinson described the key new initiatives which the British Safety Council has launched in its 60th anniversary year. “We’re widening our sphere of influence, taking on the risks associated with today’s changing world. The British Safety Council has always been an international organisation and for over thirty years we‘ve been working in the Indian market. This year we’re taking our commitment to the next level by opening an office in Mumbai. India has its own space programme but it’s also a country where very high numbers of workers are killed or injured every year. We will be helping to address this disparity.

“I am also very proud that the British Safety Council, together with the Health in Construction Leadership Group, have launched Mates in Mind, a new charity that aims to improve the mental health of the 2.1 million construction workers in the UK. Addressing the link between work, mental health and wellbeing is the challenge for risk management in the 21st century. That is why the British Safety Council is clear that the construction sector is only the starting-point for this initiative not the end-point.

“The third area in which we have been embracing change is the digital world. The world in which we live today is very different to that of sixty years ago. We’ve been embracing these changes and I’m delighted to be able to showcase for the first time tonight our new website. We intend this to be the go-to digital home for everything you’ll ever need to know about health and safety. We’ll be using this new site as one of our main vehicles to educate, inform and drive public awareness. It has been developed in collaboration with our members and it will incorporate the digital tools and data which they told us they need.  Therefore, we are confident that it will enable us to increase our profile as a leading health, safety and environmental organisation, both in the UK and globally.”

Checkatrade supports the next generation of skilled tradespeople

It is estimated that, on average, graduates leave university with debts exceeding £44,000*. This staggering figure highlights the significant costs young people face when looking to get themselves on their chosen career path. However, there is an alternative, an option that sees young people get on-the-job training, gain essential workplace skills, earn a recognised qualification and get paid while they are doing it!

Across a wide range of careers, apprenticeships provide 16 to 24 year olds with the perfect stepping stone to their chosen career. This is especially so when it comes to trades such as plumbing, construction and painting & decorating, where practical, on the job experience is vital.

Encouraging young people to think seriously about their apprenticeship options is the nation’s consumer champion – Checkatrade. Trusted by thousands of homeowners every month, Checkatrade help homeowners find reliable, vetted tradespeople in their area.

Recommending expert tradespeople to their users, Checkatrade are proud to support National Apprenticeship Week, running from 6 to 10th March.

Now in its 10th year, National Apprenticeship Week aims to celebrate apprenticeships and raise their profile as a viable option to other training routes. Bringing together employers and apprentices, during the week potential apprentices will be able to network at a range of events including job fairs and information sessions.

As well as helping young people get the start they need, apprentices can also benefit small businesses, such as local plumbing firms or landscape gardeners, helping them to fill skills gaps, boost productivity and bring new ideas into the business.

Checkatrade ambassador, TV personality and DIY & construction expert Craig Phillips encourages young people looking for a trade apprenticeship to opt for a Checkatrade vetted firm, “With every Checkatrade member fully vetted and committed to the Checkatrade standards, in choosing a Checkatrade approved member, young apprentices can be sure that the work they will be involved in will be carried out to the highest standards – giving them the very best start.”

Free to use, Checkatrade is an invaluable resource for homeowners looking to find a reputable and skilled tradesperson in their area. Fully vetted before they can become a member, once they join, members agree to real-time customer feedback online; giving potential customers further insight into their working practices.

Find out more at



Birchwood Price Tools has unveiled Matt Hunt as its new Managing Director.

Matt, 42, has joined the Nottingham-based workwear, tools and site equipment business from Rexel, where he was MD for electrical wholesalers WF Senate.

His arrival will signal a new focus and direction for BPT’s market-leading brands Scruffs workwear, Defender lighting and power distribution, Van Vault security solutions and Rhino heating, cooling and drying.

The new boss is already investing in customer and end user insight to help him shape the look and feel of BPT’s ranges and service proposition going forward, in order to provide a complete solution to merchants and retailers.

Matt has a strong retail and merchant background, having previously worked at Saint Gobain for its Gibbs & Dandy brand, and intends to bring this knowledge of merchanting and retailing needs to the supplier side, in his new role, to make BPT brands and products a ‘must stock’.

One of his first actions has been to introduce a multi-brand CRM system to BPT for the first time, to capture customer data across all the ranges in the one place. He insists this will be the first of many innovations introduced under his reign.

2017 will also see Matt spearhead the opening of a brand and innovation room at the BPT headquarters in Nottingham, to enable new product ranges, merchandising techniques and promotional solutions to be showcased to customers as they’re developed.

Matt says: “I’ve worked with many suppliers over the years, so I know what great looks like and the value they can add to the performance of a category.

“I’ve met all the staff here already and can see there is a vibrant, young, diverse workforce at BPT. We have some of the best brands and product ranges on the market - now I want us to be brilliant at what we’re currently good at. That means making our brands even better.

“What excites me is the potential to make a material impact - the big, game-changing stuff. We are known for our innovation and what sparks innovation is knowing customer needs and spotting the gap.

“I want to get the basics right and foster a culture of empowerment among all the staff that drives this creativity and best practice, not just in product development but the whole customer experience.

“I’d like us to be easy to do business with and fun to do business with. The brands all have great personality and I’m keen to build on that.

“Being part of the Travis Perkins group is also very important to me, with the values of the group aligning very closely to my own way of living and working. I place a lot of store in authenticity, family values, treating customers well and making decent returns.”

Matt lives in Stratford-upon-Avon with wife Sharon and their two daughters. Away from work, he is a keen golfer and rugby union and football fan.

Birchwood Price Tools, part of Travis Perkins plc, has more than 40 years experience of designing, developing and selling its own brand products to the trade. It is available in all the UK’s leading builders’ merchants, retailers, wholesalers and more than 8,000 independents. Its ranges are also available online.

New products planned for 2017 include a new range of Defender LED lights, new Van Vault security containers and new Scruffs footwear and workwear.

TOOLBANK Spring Trade Shows 2017

If you are interested in having a stand at any of these shows, please contact TOOLBANK on the contact details above.

British Safety Council launches a special offer to support small organisations and charities

The British Safety Council has launched a free, special one-year 60th Anniversary Supporter offer for small organisations and charities to help them manage health, safety and environmental risks.

Responding to the challenges of time, resources and the shortage of health and safety expertise among the smallest companies, the British Safety Council is inviting small and micro-sized organisations (under 50 employees) and small charities (under 100 employees) from across the world, to join it as Supporters.

Small and medium-size enterprises account for 47% of private sector turnover and 60 per cent of the sector’s workforce. It is a very diverse group of businesses, since they include both sole traders and companies. Almost 82% of SMEs are micro businesses, with under 10 employees. These figures demonstrate the complexity of the sector and the inherent pressures these organisations face in tacking workplace health and safety risks.

The Supporter offer is one of the initiatives which the British Safety Council is launching in 2017 to celebrate 60 years of its campaigning activities and its contribution to improving the safety and health of workers in Britain and abroad.

Supporters will enjoy a range of services and benefits, free of charge, for 12 months, to help them manage health and safety risks in their organisations. 

A Supporter will receive:

  • A limited-edition Supporter logo, which they can use to show their commitment to health and safety;
  • Access to a 24/7 telephone helpline with practical guidance and technical advice;
  • Free places for all employees on the British Safety Council’s General Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness e-learning course, ideal for inductions;
  • Online risk assessment templates that include general risk assessment, fire and manual handling;
  • Digital edition of the monthly Safety Management magazine;
  • Electronic posters and guides that focus on themes such as stress, lone working and manual handling;
  • Hear about opportunities to meet and engage with experts and peers tackling similar issues in their sector at the British Safety Council’s events and seminars.

Jigna Patel, Membership and Service Delivery Director at the British Safety Council, said: “The British Safety Council recognises the business and other challenges which small organisations and charities face in their everyday operations, often working with very limited resources, that make the management of health, safety and environmental risks even more difficult. Therefore, we are delighted that during our 60th Anniversary year, we can offer tailored support to the smallest businesses and charities through our Supporter offer, something which could help them put health and safety at the heart of their business.

“We are promoting the Supporter offer with help from other membership organisations, including the NCVO, which champions the voluntary sector, and NAPIT, a membership association for the building services industry. Extending our reach in this way will help us achieve our vision that no-one should be injured or made ill at work.”

Information about the British Safety Council’s Supporter offer can be accessed here. For information on the 60th Anniversary of the British Safety Council click on the following link.


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