With 40% longer sawblade life, Dynashape provides real benefits for Metsec

With 40% longer sawblade life, Dynashape provides real benefits for Metsec

Dynashape, the UK’s most experienced sawblade servicing and manufacturing specialist, has secured a new 12-month contract with Britain’s largest specialist cold roll-forming company, voestalpine Metsec plc.

The contract is for the supply of TIALN-coated SHSS (Super High Speed Steel) and TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) sawblades, as well as for sawblade remanufacturing.

900 more cuts per new blade

“This will be the second year that we have provided sawblade services for Metsec,” comments Dynashape’s Managing Director, Chris Parkes, “and I am absolutely delighted that the team at Metsec has chosen to appoint us again. When we first won the business in 2015, we demonstrated how our sawblades were capable of delivering in the region of 3,000 cuts per blade. That’s around 900 more cuts per blade than Metsec was achieving using a competitor’s products. More importantly, it underlines the true cost effectiveness of the improved sawblade technology that is employed by Dynashape.”


Remanufacturing blades to perform like new

Providing Metsec with sawblades that have a much longer life, however, really is only part of the story. Dynashape’s considerable investment in the latest CNC sawblade manufacturing technologies – the same machinery that is used by leading sawblade producers globally – means it is also able to remanufacture Metsec’s blunt blades to ‘as new’ standards.

“We presently remanufacture some 20 to 30 SHSS sawblades each week for Metsec,” adds Dynashape Sales Engineer, Richard Meacham. “Depending on usage, blades can typically be remanufactured up to twelve times – and all for a fraction of the cost of buying new.”


TCT and SHSS blades for Metsec’s roll-formed solutions

Metsec specialises in providing the highest quality cold roll-formed solutions. These include purlins and side rails, lightweight steel framing, dry lining and cable management solutions, for the construction industry, as well as custom roll forming and profile manipulation for a wide range of market sectors including construction machinery, transport, office furniture and energy.

Dynashape supplies sawblades to both the Custom Roll Forming (CRF) and Profile Manipulation (MPM) areas at Metsec’s Oldbury-based manufacturing site. The CRF division produces bespoke profiles from S460 steel and uses Dynashape’s 600mm diameter coated TCT and SHSS TIALN-coated blades. Metsec’s Profile Manipulation division uses Dynashape’s 300 - 315mm diameter SHSS TIALN-coated blades.


Considerable savings for Metsec

“The improvements in sawblade life and the resultant cost savings that Dynashape has brought us are considerable,” says Lee Clark, Production Manager of Metsec’s Profile Manipulation division. “The combined effect of longer-lasting blades and highly effective sawblade remanufacturing at lower cost equates to savings of around £2,000 per month over both divisions. Such impressive savings are extremely important to us as they play their part in helping us to give our customers the very best possible value. The service provided by Dynashape is also exceptional. They are never more than a phone call or email away and they always collect and deliver on time.”


Dynashape: the UK’s complete sawblade service

Following a £1 million investment in infrastructure and the very best CNC sawblade production technologies, Dynashape is well equipped to assist manufacturers with everything involving sawing machinery and sawblades – and all from under one roof.

Only this year, the business added five new CNC machines – three of which are robotic – to its already impressive capabilities. As a result, Dynashape now has the very latest 4-, 5- and 6-axis high precision CNC sawblade production technologies from leading manufacturers including Loroch, Vollmer and Walter, and is able to offer the most comprehensive one-stop solution for manufacturing and remanufacturing TCT, SHSS and solid carbide sawblades, as well as PCD tooling.


Remanufacturing, never just sharpening

Instead of sharpening blunt sawblades, Dynashape’s approach is to remanufacture them using its advanced CNC machinery. For the majority of Dynashape customers, this means that for around three-quarters of its useable life, a remanufactured blade will perform like new, before there’s any issue of degradation due to reduced base material and tooth facet. “The real point,” stresses Chris Parkes, “is that our remanufactured blades perform just as precisely as they did when new, all for substantially less than the cost of purchasing new blades.”


Creating bespoke cutting solutions

Using its CNC machining technologies and calling on its many years of sawing expertise, Dynashape can also enhance new blades to improve on OEM-supplied products and create bespoke cutting solutions and tooth profiles for superior results when cutting all manner of materials. An example of this is the company’s ability to manufacture ‘special plastics’ blades with a unique tooth design for the creation of an aesthetically pleasing ‘diamond-polished’ finish when cutting acrylics.

Dynashape is part of the Addison Group, a UK-based organisation that has been at the forefront of metal sawing technology since 1956.


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