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By Graham Godfrey- Brand Manager at C.K tools for Carl Kammerling International

A positive forecast is predicted for the construction industry in 2016. Demand remains strong in the sector and the government is committed to construction and infrastructure programmes[1], which will take time and manpower to deliver. 2016 is a year for tradesmen to invest in quality equipment and processes, creating a solid platform with which to capitalise on this optimistic projection.

The need for quality equipment cannot be underestimated - the standard of tools used plays a vital role in the speed, efficiency and quality of a project’s completion. Substandard, outdated tools impact negatively upon productivity, and can result in a shoddy finish on a job. Tradesmen should invest in the toughest products to withstand the demands of a building site. Purchasing products that have a long lifespan is also cost efficient.

C.K tools is constantly monitoring and assessing the needs of the industry in order to develop new tools for professional use. The company works closely with a dedicated group of professional tradesmen to understand better how they work and what they need from a tool.

Through this process, we have witnessed a rise in popularity of impact drills among our focus group, where tradesmen expressed a need for robust impact bits that would offer improved performance. A drill is one of the most popular and versatile elements of a toolbox, the bread and butter for tradesmen. The rise in multifunctional power tools has been significant in recent years, so much so that power tools comprise 85.5 per cent of the market, with drills making up the largest share at almost 40 per cent. However, without the best quality screwdriver bits, getting the job done efficiently is not guaranteed.

Addressing key issues that affect tradesmen and providing the right solution in terms of products is essential. We understand that durability, accuracy and strength are all requirements for professional results, and so C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits have been manufactured from exceptionally tough, specially formulated V8 alloy steel, providing a vastly extended working life compared to standard screwdriver bits.

With impact drills combining much higher rotational torque than traditional drills, the C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits feature torsion control technology to withstand the stresses of high torque applications, resulting in less bit breakage, which can delay the completion of a job.

C.K Blue Steel Impact Bits dramatically increase speed and productivity on the job, offering proven performance to the trade.

As the industry expands, tradesmen are under increasing pressure to complete a job in good time to meet demand. Therefore, good quality tools are imperative for all professional tradesmen to help service a job quickly and efficiently and move on to the next. Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK, contributing over £90 billion to the economy. As such, continuously creating innovative, superior tools that are fit for purpose and stand the test of time is fundamental to supporting tradesmen in 2016 as the construction industry continues to grow.

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