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Dustcontrol UK strengthens sales teamDust extraction specialists

Dust extraction specialists, Dustcontrol UK, has strengthened its sales team with the appointment of Ian Giles as Sales Account Manager for systems for the Midlands and South Wales. Ian will improve the range of expertise offered by Dustcontrol UK, whilst his appointment also serves to highlight the ambitious intent of the firm as it looks to expand its operations.

James Miller, general manager of Dustcontrol UK, said: “Ian brings valuable additional experience whilst also improving on our client management capabilities. He’s ideally qualified to become part of our growing team and we’re excited to start working with him and see what he can deliver.”

Ian added: “It’s a fantastic opportunity at Dustcontrol and I’m delighted to be joining the company. My experience in this sector should serve me well to ensure that we deliver on our clients’ expectations and really help to drive the company forward as it looks to broaden its industry reach.”

Ian is an experienced and successful Sales Account Manager with long standing expertise in system sales and is aiming to help with the wider development of the business.

Dustcontrol supplies mobile dust extractors and stationary high vacuum extraction systems to help companies worldwide to achieve cleaner and more efficient production, as well as improved product quality and a healthier workspace. Ian will be specialising in system sales which will see him providing full support around complete extraction systems, filter units, pre-separators, accessories and system control.

James concluded: “We’ve had a really successful couple of years at Dustcontrol, and it’s a period that’s seen demand consistently increase. The awareness around the issues associated with dust are continuing to improve, and by expanding our team we hope to seize upon this opportunity, whilst also helping to add to the momentum of this awareness drive. We hope Ian will play a key role in this effort.”

For further information on Dustcontrol UK’s products, or to discuss your dust extraction requirements, then please phone 01327 858001 or email [email protected]

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