Flex Laser Tools - Getting the measure

Aimed at:- Pros who need the speed and accuracy of laser marking out and measuring.

Pros: Keenly priced, up to date and very accurate.

No reason not to have one.

Welability - SIF

Bringing together a better future for UK manufacturing.

On Friday the 27th March after a short train ride from London Kings Cross and brisk walk through Letchworth town centre, we arrived at Weldability-Sif for the official opening of their Technology and Training Centre.

Spring into action with Classen

Scarify, aerate and overseed. Three spring turf treatments that are high on the agenda for turf professionals and landscape contractors as we head into spring. To meet their needs Schiller Groundscare have launched their lawncare spring ‘package’ featuring the Classen Turf Rakes, Aerators and Overseeders The Classen Turf Rake is a versatile and portable dethatcher with folding handles for easy transportation, ideal for contractors and hire operators. The flail blades adjust to five different heights and there are optional attachments for seeding and grass collection.


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