Dust extraction specialist set to exhibit at Executive Hire Show 2019

DUSTCONTROL UK is set to exhibit its range of highly effective construction equipment at the Executive Hire Show 2019.

Taking place on February 6-7 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, the Dustcontrol team will be showcasing the firm’s new DC Storm LPG propane-powered vacuum, alongside its powerful Tromb 400 extractors, the DC 2900 and DC 1800 eco vacuums and its DC Aircube cleaners at stand K46.

The DC Storm LPG has a 15 KW motor with the capacity to manage dust extraction in conjunction with work involving large floor grinders, hammer drills, scarifier/shaver or cutting machines for surface preparation, as well as heavy-duty cleaning with long hoses.

As with all of Dustcontrol’s mobile equipment, the Storm LPG is fitted with Hepa 13 filters and built to Application Class H as standard for a no compromise approach. 

James Miller, Managing Director of Dustcontrol UK, said: "The Executive Hire Show is always a great exhibition and it promises to be another exciting event in 2019.

This year, we’ll be demonstrating our high-quality construction equipment, with a focus on their cutting, grinding and cleaning capabilities.”

The company, based in Milton Keynes, has over 45 years of experience in developing dust extraction solutions and centralised vacuum systems to fit client requirements in the construction industry.

They are experts in capturing dust at its source, both where and when it is created.

Launched in 2007, Executive Hire Show has quickly become the unmissable national exhibition for the tools, equipment and plant hire industry.

The show is a trade-only event open to hire executives throughout the UK and Ireland, while also attracting hire industry visitors from Europe and beyond.

James concluded: “The show will provide us with an excellent opportunity to show the tool hire industry how we can help businesses stay healthy through the use of efficient dust extraction.”


Mather+Stuart announce multi-million pound Volt Safe investment

MATHER+STUART Power Solutions, the temporary power equipment division of A-Plant, has announced that it will be investing almost £3m in new Volt Safe equipment.

The company’s spending spree forms part of a wider strategic investment programme and follows a £6m order of Harrington and JCB Generators last autumn.

All of the new equipment features the latest telemetry and the first £1.3m order, comprising 56 units, has already arrived into the fleet.

An additional 60 units will be delivered in the coming months, providing a further £1.4m investment.

Gary Orton, Director of Mather+Stuart, stated the investment reaffirms the company’s commitment to offering customers the very best equipment available in the industry.

He said: “To support our expansion plans, keep up with customer demand and ensure we remain one of the UK’s market leaders it is vital that we continually update our fleet.

“Volt Safe systems are unique to the industry and we are thrilled to be able to continue offering our customers the most innovative, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly equipment available.”

Volt Safe is a super-silenced generator, electrical distribution board and a high capacity, triple-bunded fuel tank.

Reducing noise to as low as 58dpa at one metre, the system is amongst one of the quietest machines across Europe making it ideal for use on noise sensitive sites.

As the equipment is housed within an anti-vandal steel container the system also helps to battle incidents of theft and vandalism on site, as well as protecting the system against spillages of engine oil, anti-freeze and diesel.


Makita introduces Brushless LXT Rebar Tying tool

MAKITA’S first-ever introduction of a cordless rebar tying tool is now available allowing fast and efficient application of rebar tie wire and eliminates manual action.

The new DTR180ZK Rebar Tying tool is powered by a Brushless motor for extended runtime and increased power, and is compatible with both 14.4V and 18V Makita Lithium-Ion batteries.

Weighing a comfortable 2.6kg with the battery, the DTR180ZK is designed to achieve the fastest method of applying rebar ties quickly and consistently and automatically delivers double loop ties for a range of construction applications such as building concrete foundations.

It can be operated by a single hand operation, in single or continuous action, allowing the other hand to remain free to adjust the position of the rebars.

This tool can be used with D10, D13 and D16 rebar in varying combinations of two, three and four pieces of rebars.

The traditional method of rebar tying is by hand with a metal hook, which is fine for small areas.

However, for larger construction sites the DTR180ZK will prove to be economical as it will save time and manpower while achieving maximum consistency of application.

With a maximum power output of 340w, this tying tool can be used in continuous action mode for the most efficient tying.

The applicator can tie rebars simply by pushing the contact arm against the rebars when the trigger is continuously pulled.

According to the condition of tying material, the tying strength can be adjusted in six stages. Using a 5.0Ah Li-Ion battery, up to 120 ties of 0.8mm diameter annealed wire can be delivered.

The DTR180ZK does not produce heat or sparks and therefore overcomes the need for operators to hold a GC07 Hot-work permit together with all the safety logistics this entails.

This is required for any operation involving open flames or producing heat and/or sparks. Hot works include brazing, torch cutting, grinding, soldering and welding.

This body-only machine features an ergonomically designed handle with soft grip, on-tool storage of hex wrench, and has low sound and vibration for increased user comfort and safety.

The tie wire reel, available from Makita’s accessory range, is easily replaced by opening the reel cover.

The new Makita Brushless Rebar Tying tool complements the range of battery-operated rebar cutters, as well as the steel rod cutter, and is supplied in a robust carry case.


JCB Finance: five-fold increase in Annual Investment Allowance opens window of opportunity for purchases

WITH so much disruption on the UK’s political landscape it may be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Tucked away in the Autumn 2018 budget was a valuable temporary tax relief which has gone largely unnoticed but which could allow businesses to invest and grow - effectively benefitting from £1 tax relief for every £1 spent on plant and machinery purchases.

The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) relief allows expenditure on plant and machinery purchases up to the AIA limit to be set against company profits in the year the expenditure occurs.

In 2018 the AIA stood at £200,000 and rose to the new threshold of £1m from January 1st 2019 for two years, making it a valuable incentive for large-scale investment for growth or replacement of ageing equipment and machinery.

But with a deadline of January 1st 2021 when the allowance reverts back to its former £200,000, it is essential that any company embarking on significant capital expenditure begins consulting with their accountant now to maximise on any available tax relief.

Poor planning and timing could mean missing out on the available tax relief, or even worse, paying more tax than is required.

By increasing the relief on qualifying expenditure up to a £1,000,000 limit, those businesses already spending up to the £200,000 threshold have a considerable incentive to increase or bring forward their capital expenditure on plant and machinery.

JCB Finance Managing Director, Paul Jennings said: “This important tax incentive allows 100% tax relief in the first year and is designed to encourage businesses to invest in plant, machinery, commercial vehicles and a broad range of other assets. 

“Depending on the business’ rate of tax, it is an open invitation to invest in plant and machinery and secure the equivalent of a 19% to 45% subsidy.

Better still – if you acquire the plant via a Hire Purchase agreement the acquisition, for tax purposes, is treated as if cash had been paid. Plus any interest payable is tax deductible too.

“However, different financial year ends will affect the proportion and timing of expenditure. Getting the timing and the amounts right is crucial to your business.

"We are already recommending to our customers that they speak to their accountant and to our JCB Finance team now, so they can plan the optimum time to take delivery of their machinery.”

The chart below illustrates the maximum amounts available by showing four different company financial year ends, and how vital it is to spend the right amount within the right periods in order to maximise tax benefits.

Different financial years that straddle either the tax year or calendar year may result in complicated calculations that could lead to a lesser AIA being granted in that financial year.

Given the lead times of some plant and machinery from order to delivery, this also needs to be carefully factored in to buying plans.

JCB Finance have been providing asset finance and supporting business growth in the construction, agriculture and industrial sectors since 1970, so understand the challenges these customers may face.

Their team can offer fast, flexible finance solutions that help businesses preserve their working capital by spreading the cost in a tax efficient manner. 

Finance options are not restricted to JCB plant and machinery equipment, but are also available for other non-competitive new machinery, cars, commercial vehicles and used plant.


TB Davies’ two game changing products are setting the bar high

WITH a heritage spanning four generations, Cardiff-based TB Davies is leading the way with height and ladder technology and have two innovative new products to prove it.

Little Giant Safety Cage

First up, the Little Giant Safety Cage, which features a bottom-rung signal and has a 150kg maximum load.

The Ground Cue trains the operator to feel and hear an audible alert reminding the staff member it is safe to step off the ladder. The Safety Cage is constructed with a non-conductive, high-strength fiberglass-resin composite.

The product is mobile and lightweight compared to other enclosed platform options like scaffolds or powered lifts, so customers can use it in areas like stages or interstitial levels – where a mechanical lift or ordinary stepladder could never go.

The Safety Cage allows operators to work hands-free in any direction in complete safety because, unlike platform step ladders, its wrap-around guardrail actually encloses the operator completely in total compliance with tie-off rules.

The product comes in Little Giant’s patent-pending Hi-Viz Green and provides a selfenclosing platform which is versatile – a safe alternative to ordinary step ladders.

Specifically, the Safety Cage comprises a full-enclosed platform and a five-inch kick plate and mid-span. Additionally, it has a slim storage profile; and tip-and-glide wheels for easy transport.

Tubesca X-Tower

The second innovative product within TB Davies’ portfolio is the Tubesca X-Tower, which saw TB Davies join forces with Tubesca-Comabi – France’s market leader for ladders and access equipment.

As a result, TB Davies became Tubesca-Comabi’s preferred partner for industrial and professional ranges in the UK.

The revolutionary X-Tower is unique in more ways than one: it is both the world’s first industrial telescopic tower and the world’s tallest telescopic tower.

This industrial quality tower is designed for regular use and is an ideal option for both site maintenance and the hire industry

Safe operation

As with all the products TB Davies supply, safety is key. The user is never exposed to a fall while erecting the tower, which can be built within three minutes from the ground to a platform of 2.8 metres (with a working height of 4.8 metres).

The X-Tower’s sturdy structure is designed to avoid jamming problems, and provides a base that is completely captive with no loose parts, set on four locking castors that can be adjusted for use on uneven ground. The X-Tower has only two parts: the tower and the folding, anti-slip platform with a trap door.

TB Davies currently sells over a dozen products from Tubesca-Comabi including the Raptor, Profort Xtend, Sherpascopic, MP Pro, and Probat.


Award winning TYROLIT POWER set to revolutionise sanding and finishing

ABRASIVES manufacturer TYROLIT presents TYROLIT POWER, which won the Innovation Award at Troy Means Business (TMB) 2018 back in October.

TYROLIT, which is a family-owned company, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools as well as machines for the construction industry.

The new award-winning product is tipped to revolutionise the sanding and finishing of hard surfaces.

As opposed to conventional dual-action sanders, the patented POWER machine allows for a vibration-free application which minimises the issues associated with hand-arm vibration syndrome.

Replacing grinding disks with strips TYROLIT POWER Strips replace the traditional grinding discs used on a dualaction sander, which dramatically reduces the risk of vibration white finger.

UK Area Sales Manager, John McKechnie, spoke about the product's health and safety features at TMB.

He said: “There are a lot of white finger claims when using grinder disc. Grind discs are still commonly used, but if you use a strip, or flap disc, it’s a lot smoother and there’s less vibration.

“We’ve been putting a lot of our time into improving grinder alternatives because grinding discs produce phenomenal removal rates.”

Cost effective

TYROLIT POWER Strip technology consists of layers made from cactus hair and diamond, which provides extreme hardness compared to traditional abrasives, such as aluminium oxide or silicon carbide.

The specially-developed diamond-coated mesh extends tool life by a factor of six and prevents clogging of the strips – allowing for fast stock removal.

The diamond-coated strips also provide greater control for surface finishing, especially for large mould production.

Longer life span

Sanding is often slow and can be a well-known bottleneck in the finishing process. TYROLIT POWER allows its users to sand down large surface areas, such as turbine blades, eight times faster than the conventional way, which reduces the threat of possible backlogs considerably.

Depending on the customer’s application needs a variety of grit sizes are available along with a range of widths.

Multiuse for larger moulds

Regarding hand-held devices, the abrasive brushes can be fitted to a range of applications including straight grinders, TYROLIT’S air-driven POWER machine, or to a surface sander with a core of 265mm.

All these solutions offer highly mobile and efficient sanding for large moulds.

The toughness of the abrasive brush grain means it can be used to machine glass or carbon fibre, gel coats and other hard composites.

Initially designed for the machining of large wind turbines, applications can be found in boat building, railway carriage construction, aircraft manufacturing and mould making.

The diamond strips are available in grit sizes from 80 to 500 mesh and slot into holders of various diameters and lengths.

For fibreglass, they are able to replace traditional abrasive cloth flaps and reduce processing times by a factor of eight.

The machines and diamond brushes can be used wet or dry. Additionally, the machines have specially-designed dust extraction guards guaranteeing very little dust production during work.

The family-owned company, which was founded in 1919 and is a member of the Swarovski Group, is based in Schwaz, Austria, and currently has over 4,300 employees at 26 production locations in 11 countries and on five continents.

TYROLIT’s Metal and Precision, Industrial Trade, Construction and Stone – Ceramics – Glass divisions manufacture 80,000 different products.


Draper's sleek Storm Force tools make able cordless companions

DRAPER’S blue and black Storm Force range of cordless tools is now well established on the market and provides end users with a comprehensive choice of 10.8v and 20v cordless tools at very competitive prices, writes PETER BRETT.

My experience of these tools is that they are competent and well made with most, if not all, of the bells and whistles required by end users these days.

A couple of months ago I reviewed the 20v combi, SDS and hammer drills and now it is the turn of the 20v angle grinder and reciprocating saw to go under the magnifying glass.

The angles on the grinder

For me, an angle grinder is one of those indispensable tools that I use infrequently but when you need one, no other tool will do.

The top three features that I look for in an angle grinder are balanced handling, a safe and easy to operate switch and a cutter guard that is easy to adjust, preferably without tools. In my view, this Draper Storm Force delivers on these so we are off to a good start.

Balance, in a cordless tool, is a lot about where the battery pack is placed and the Storm Force follows a lot of other designs by having the gearbox head and the battery pack at each end of the body to counterbalance each other.

Combined with the three-position auxiliary handle, most users will be able to find a position where the cutting disc can be safely applied to the work and held securely for maximum efficiency.

This is helped by the fact that the body of the grinder tapers gently down from the switch to the battery pack and so can be easily gripped by even small hands like mine.

It is also helped by generous and grippy rubber moulding strategically placed at the top and bottom of the body.

The slider switch is easy to operate with your thumb by left or right handed users but, as we all know, the real test will come after many hours of work when the combination of brick dust and metal filings created by the cutting discs start to clog the switch sliders.

Ideally, we should all take better care of our tools but experience tells us that isn’t always possible. The good news is that the Draper’s switch stayed easy to lock off and on during my trials of it.

Getting the right angle on the cutter guard is very important to protect the user from the spray of sparks or dust coming from the cutting disc when in use.

Sometimes the guard has to be adjusted several times in the same cut depending on the circumstances so it is important that it is easy to adjust.

The Draper uses a clip system that is simply sprung open to move the angle of the guard and then sprung closed again to secure it.

The clip has a small adjustment screw on it to take into account wear and use, and the collar on which the clip is mounted is wide enough to achieve easy movement.

The collar also has a groove cut into it to secure the spring clip when it is loose, so it will not simply fall off during readjustment.

Details like these are tiny, but are actually very important for making a tool hassle free to use.

A black-coated alloy gearbox head incorporates the spindle lock. It engages positively and then the removal or replacement of the cutting disc with the two-pronged pin spanner supplied is easy.

Just a quick mention of the auxiliary handle: it too has generous grippy rubber and a substantial collar around the end to prevent fingers being exposed to the cutting disc.

In use, the things I really liked about this angle grinder proved to be the easy handling and adjustments made possible by the slim body and balance of the tool.

Using the cutting discs supplied for the test I was able to cut stainless steel rods, mild steel sheet 6mm thick and some hard face bricks.

I chose to use the grinder with the bigger 4Ah battery packs which lasted well, but it is possible to use the smaller (and lighter) 2Ah packs that are an option in this ‘bare’ tool.

Recipe for recip?

One of the things I like about the angle grinder above is the slim and easy to grip body, so I was pleased to note that the theme continued on the Storm Force 20v reciprocating saw.

It is actually very light and compact, and while it might be said that it lacks the bulk of some of the competition, I think that its compact size could be an advantage – particularly getting into smaller spaces where size and weight can make for di‑ culties both in access and in deft handling.

That is not to say that this recip saw lacks features. Fitting the blade is done in an instant by simply twisting the knurled knob on the recip arm and inserting it.

Blades can be used with teeth facing up or down for greater versatility.

The shoe is moved by unlocking the grey lever which allows users to regulate how much of the blade can be used in the cut and also solves the problem of getting the most use out of the teeth.

On the left of the body is another small grey lever that selects either simple straight cuts or an orbital cutting action that is much faster when cutting softer materials like timber and MDF.

Safety-wise, the on/off trigger is locked as the default position – the user has to use their thumb or forefinger to push the sliding switch to one side for the trigger to be depressed to the start position. An excellent feature in my view.

Handling is good courtesy of the black rubber overmould on the D-handle and on the slim body profile.

Balance is good because the battery pack serves as a counterweight to the motor and gearbox. Recip saws can be very power hungry when used hard but the battery packs (either 2 or 4Ah) have a red/amber/green system for telling users the state of charge.

With all recip-type saws the choice of blades is key to getting a good cutting performance. The wrong blade will result in over-fast or slow cutting and a very quick drain on the battery. I was sent a choice of GP wood and metal cutting blades that performed well.

I really liked the fact that this saw is light – only 1.7kg without a battery pack – and yet has the capacity to cut wood up to 115mm thick or alloys up to 10mm thick.

This is enough capacity for most general jobs at home or on a small renovation site. Although it is usual these days to have plastic cases for all tools, I liked the big nylon wide-mouthed carry bag that Draper sent with the tools.

This was easily big enough to hold the grinder and the saw, several battery packs and the charger. With its hard base, it protected the tools from knocks and water and was easy to carry.

It also carried a lot of spare blades, cutting discs and all of the other extraneous stuff that gathers.


Wiha: talking the Torque

FOUNDED almost 80 years ago in 1939 by Willi Hahn, grandfather of the current Wiha Managing Director, Wilhelm Hahn, Wiha remains an owner-operated family company with an international presence and reputation, writes PETER BRETT.

The company aims to make daily life much easier for users with a product assortment of innovative hand tool solutions geared towards user needs, which increase efficiency, reduce costs and preserve health.

Quite a mission statement and one that covers a lot of ground.

The design teams at Wiha are constantly developing, designing and making products that meet the highest functionality, durability and ergonomic demands. They provide a comprehensive range of tool concepts and sets, screwdrivers, torque tools, multitools, L-keys, bits, pliers, soft-faced hammers and much more.

The VDE (The Association of German Electrical Engineers) sector is a speciality for Wiha and it has tested, developed and brought to market many innovative solutions based on actual needs of the industries they serve.

Design teams at Wiha are constantly developing, designing and making products that meet the highest functionality.

Wiha is a multi-award winning company for both products and innovation.

Recently, Wiha received the Focus Open Design Award 'Special Mention' 2018 and the German Design Award 'Gold' 2019 for its product innovation speedE, the world’s first e-screwdriver from Wiha.

In 2016 it was recognised as belonging to the top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany, and other prestigious awards they have won include the Manufacturing Excellence Award in 2014 as the best German SME.

Why Torque?

I can’t give a better explanation of why we need specialist torque products than Volker Lehmann, Product Manager and Torque specialist at Wiha, who said: "New application fields, technologies and materials, coupled with ever advancing miniaturisation, are leading to a growing necessity for applying the right torque for fastening. Here, in order to prevent quality problems, process safety is at the forefront.

"However, it’s not just today’s shift system that results in people with different training or experience failing to meet the required safety level with exact power transmission due to not using the correct hand tool. It’s all about using the right tool to prevent the high costs involved with reworking or product recalls, and thus avoiding the loss of our own quality image."

In addition, Lehmann states that “correct torque usage prevents damage to materials, eliminates the need for retouching and protects against warranty claims.

In today's industry, using torque tools is one of the decisive factors in terms of increasing process reliability. This makes fully certified Wiha torque tools essential for mechanics, electricians and electronics technicians in different segments as they combine precision with security.”

Torqueing Tools – some of Wiha’s finest

The TorqueVario®-S range of screwdrivers is very sophisticated and intended for industrial and professional users.

The handles contain mechanisms to adjust the torque settings and cover a range of common torque brackets depending on the size of the screwdrivers. For example, the 0.5 – 2.0 Nm TorqueVario S screwdriver is a bit smaller than the top of the range 2.0 – 7.0 Nm version.

The handles are graded to suit the sizes and applications of the tools and are set using the torque setting tool supplied. All the screwdrivers feature the patented SoftFinish handle design that is recognised as being easy to use and causes reduced strain on hand and back muscles.

The VDE versions of these tools give the user protection up to 1000v while also encompassing the SoftFinish handle design.

Taking the next step up the ease of use ladder, the mechatronic iTorque screwdrivers can be set without tools.

The settings are guaranteed to be accurate and are easy to set via the integrated setting wheel on the end of the handle. A digital display confirms the chosen setting.

For users like electricians and electronics fitters who might find it uneconomical to invest in a range of torque tools, Wiha provides a simple and cost-effective solution in the form of the easyTorque adaptors.

They will fit all the variants of the slimVario family of Wiha screwdriver sets – both VDE and conventional.

The user simply chooses the adaptor from a range of preset torque adaptors and inserts it between the bit and the handle. In this way, the user can get accurate torque settings on sensitive fixings without breaking the bank – or the screwdriver!

Checking the Settings

Having been educated into some of the intricacies of torque tools recently, I know that torque tools have a life span during which they have to be regularly checked for accuracy and, if necessary, be recalibrated. Guarantees and warranties may depend on torque tools being accurately set, so it makes sense to have a system or even a tool that does informal and more regular checking of accurate torque settings.

It could be very costly and time consuming to find out that a production tool is outside the torque parameters and then having to recall or recheck products.

The Wiha solution is to use the Torque QuickCheck that enables all Wiha screwdrivers to be checked for accuracy very regularly – before each use if needed.

The checks are very easy to carry out – simply insert the screwdriver into the TorqueCheck and they will be checked at 2.8 Nm as a standard. If the TorqueCheck and the handle settings match up, then a green light will indicate that it is accurate.

But a red or amber light would indicate an inaccuracy that would need further investigation and recalibration.

The virtue of the QuickCheck system is that it is light, compact, accurate and can be slipped into a toolbox so that regular checking is not a chore.

While it is not a substitute for recalibration, its use as a diagnostic tool that avoids expensive rechecks on jobs already completed is a cost-effective solution.

I acknowledge that this is a swift and broad-brush overview of the range of Wiha torque tools.

But I hope that it helps readers to understand a few of the trends in torque tools available and the levels of sophistication that we have already reached in using torque applications.

Like Brexit, torque applications aren’t going to go away, and end users will have to get to grips with the increasingly sophisticated systems in which torque tools are used.

Checks are very easy to carry out – simply insert the screwdriver into the TorqueCheck and they will be checked at 2.8 Nm as a standard.

Even your average ‘sparky’ and plumber these days need to know torque settings for RCDs and boiler fittings. The Wiha range might be a good place to start looking at the tools needed.


Ferroforma gets into gear for this summer's Industry Tools trade fair

INDUSTRY Tools, which will be held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in Spain, is set to take the European tool industry by storm this summer.

The fair, run by Ferroforma, will welcome suppliers and visitors from a huge number of countries, boosting its international credentials and cementing itself as a platform for commercial trade solutions.

Visitors and exhibitors can gain access to industrial sectors such as the aeronautics, automotive, and railway industries, as well as industrial supplies, hardware stores, and large-scale hardware distribution.

The three-day show is a product and tools fair for industrial applications. A new brand has been created under this concept which incorporates the main aspects that the trade show will focus on.

Wide range of sectors

The sectors represented in the exhibitions will mainly be those related to locksmiths, iron fittings and safety, manual tools, handheld portable power tools and woodworking tools, industrial supplies, construction supplies, labour protection, fixings, hardware, lifting, handling and transport, industrial cleaning, and internal logistics.

Industry Tools by Ferroforma to coincide with other events There are other events running alongside this new initiative that will be held at the same time making it not just one of the most comprehensive shows for southern Europe, but worldwide.

These additional events include Subcontratación (Manufacturing Processes and Equipment), Addit3d (trade fair for additive and 3D manufacturing), Fitmaq (international fair of bargain and used machinery), Maintenance (trade fair on industrial maintenance), Pumps & Valves and BeDIGITAL, which will create important synergies offering key solutions for Industry 4.0.


Woodworking YouTube trio become Triton ambassadors

THREE of the world’s most popular woodworkers have been unveiled as Triton Tools ambassadors.

YouTube sensations April Wilkerson and fellow American Matt Cremona will continue to promote the Yeovil-based company, while up-and-coming German YouTube superstar Frank Krueger is a new addition to the team.

Worldwide events

Combined, the woodworking trio have more than one million YouTube subscribers, and all three will appear at key worldwide events with Triton over the next 12 months, as well as contributing regular social media content.

Mark Pearson, Global Brand Manager at Triton Tools, said: “As a company, we pride ourselves on precision, expertise and engaging with the worldwide community of woodworkers – those qualities shine through with all three individuals in abundance.”

April has been making woodworking tutorial videos for more than four years and crafts everything from rocking chairs to chicken coops.

Matt has been an instructor at the Wood Whisperer Guild since 2016 and recently built his own band-saw mill in his back yard.

Frank, meanwhile, is fast becoming a recognisable face for sharing his bold wood projects, from flamboyant treehouses to stylish poker tables. His informative videos are shot in both German and English.

Mark believes Triton’s customers will gain a unique insight into how to make the most of woodworking from the trio.

He added: “All three draw huge crowds at shows and are always only too happy to accommodate every single person that wants to meet them and tap into their knowledge.

“We’re delighted to have them on board. They are perfect ambassadors for Triton and they do a fantastic job showcasing our extensive range of high quality tools.”



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