Fulham Football Club announces new partnership with Teng Tools

FULHAM Football Club is delighted to welcome Teng Tools as its Official Hand Tools Partner for the next three seasons.

Teng Tools, a global provider of hand tools and smart storage solutions, has partnered with Fulham FC to further enhance their brand awareness to a worldwide audience.

Teng Tools will have the opportunity to work with the Club to deliver promotional campaigns taking in everything from CSR initiatives with the Fulham FC Foundation, to creating cobranded special edition trade products.

Daniel King, Managing Director Teng Tools UK & Ireland, said: “Teng Tools is delighted to announce the partnership with Fulham Football Club, we see similar values within the club and what we stand for as a brand in the hand tools market here in the UK and further afield. We are fully behind Claudio Ranieri and the Fulham team to get the points they need over the coming months.”

Further through the partnership, Teng Tools will receive significant visibility through advertising on the in-game LED as well across the club’s digital and social platforms during the term of the partnership, in addition to significant global exposure from the club’s participation in the Premier League.

Casper Stylsvig Fulham FC CRO, said: "We are thrilled to be partnering with Teng Tools, a creative and innovative brand. We feel that they are the perfect match for Fulham FC sharing a number of our principles. We look forward to working with them to achieve their marketing and activation objectives during the partnership.”


Office renovation tips

RENOVATING an office complex is one of the more common tasks for a construction company.

It is also one which needs a tremendous amount of thought, care and attention as you will want to deliver offices that are suitable for that particular business so no two projects will be the same.

There are a few key areas that always require extra attention, however, so make sure that you know exactly what is required and carry the work out with extra care and precision.

Read on for a few tips for office complex renovation which should help the project to be a success.

Understand the client's goals

As with any project, it is vital that you first understand exactly what the client wants.

This will include key factors such as how will they be using the space, what issues do they want to overcome/avoid, why they are getting changes made now, who will occupy the space and similar questions.

You also need to identify if there are any physical or financial limitations and if the building will be occupied while you carry out the work.

Work with the building strengths

Every building has its own strengths, so you need to look at its best features and work with these. If it has great views out of one window, for example, then you could look to open the office up to let everyone enjoy this view and bring in more natural light (a key element in any office complex).

Curb appeal

It is, of course, important to deliver a practical and attractive office space, but do not overlook the importance of curb appeal too.

This is particularly important if it is a business that regularly has clients visiting and will need to make a good first impression.

Curb appeal can be improved with plant life, ample parking, placards, glass doors, etc.


Safety is a key component of office renovation, so you need to keep this in mind at all times.

This will involve having fire exits, safety signs, ventilation, alarms and more. You should also make the area safe while carrying out the renovation work by closing areas off and placing warning signs around.


One of the most overlooked areas when it comes to office renovation is the bathroom.

This is a space which will be used frequently by everyone in the building so it should be a welcoming and well-designed space.

This should include commercial toilet cubicles which are secure, visually pleasing and of the highest quality.

This will have a huge impact on how people feel when they are in the building so it is an area that needs careful consideration.

Office renovation is a common yet difficult task for construction companies.

No two projects are the same and you must always carefully work with the client to understand their goals, but you should also keep the above aspects in mind as these are key factors no matter who the client is.

By listening, asking questions and keeping the key aspects in mind, it should help you to deliver a sleek, functional and attractive office complex for the client.


Toolbank and partners launch 3 new ranges for the Big Blue Book

WE 'journos' should sit up and take note when the UK’s largest tool wholesaler decides to add some new ranges of quality tools to its Big Blue Book – aka its catalogue, by PETER BRETT.

To mark the occasion and showcase the new additions, Toolbank held a launch event in January. Simon Bicknall, Marketing Director of Toolbank began by giving us some background to the company itself and the decision making behind the inclusions.

It may have all the trappings of a vast corporate business, but Toolbank and its associate companies are still, in fact, a family owned and privately run business which has a history stretching back to 1829. It prides itself on having many longserving and loyal employees who help implement and enact Toolbank’s motto of ‘Service, Support and Integrity’.

Toolbank itself was established in 1972 and currently has around 30,000 products and 250 different manufacturers represented in the catalogue. It serves around 14,000 outlets in the UK both on the high street and online, and by its own estimation serves around 20 different categories of customer, from the casual DIYer to major construction companies.

To man the ship, so to speak, 964 full time employees in 12 different offices throughout the country provide the many services needed to ensure, as far as possible, next-day deliveries, adequate stocking levels and all the hundreds of other functions required to run a modern, customer-facing company. Some statistics might help to give a sense of scale: over 96% of stock is available immediately from the warehouse and the stock is usually worth a cool £18m or so at any one time.

On top of all this, Toolbank also run 10 regional trade shows every year at which dealers can stock up on show deals and get help with merchandising and own brand deals.

Faithfull Tools launch premium trowel range

Faithfull is a well-established brand on the high street with its good basic quality, well priced range of tools. Everything from spades and shovels to saws and chisels is included – over 3,800 different products in all.

So, it was with some confidence that the company embarked on what turned out to be a six-year long project to develop a premium range of trowels aimed at the trades and discerning DIYers – in other words those users who would appreciate and notice the difference in quality, but who are also looking to get the best value on the tools that they buy.

John Connick from Faithfull Tools explained the original thinking behind the project which was to look at the competition and consult end users to find out how their products were perceived and then to see if they could do better.

Some elements were found to be key markers for users. For example, what trades want in a brick trowel is a bit of flex in the blade (but not too much), a one-piece forging for strength, a high lift handle and a strong end cap for tapping bricks into position.

The trowel had to be made from high quality materials with features to limit the amount of mortar that inevitably sticks to it during its working life.

When it came to pointing trowels, it turns out that the standard curved edge, small pointing trowel is not really fit for purpose.

Users liked the Faithfull version with its straight edges, one-piece construction and soft grip handle.

Plastering trowels are another problem entirely because plasterers can be fussy people with very individual styles and requirements depending on their technique and the difficulties of the job in hand.

The Faithfull solution was to design a plastering trowel that has a 301-grade stainless steel blade with an ultra-smooth finish and a two-way curve – side to side and top to bottom.

The riveting for the tang fixing had to be almost invisible and the soft-grip handle itself shaped comfortably and smooth enough not to attract sticky plaster particles.

There were similar design features picked out for a range of 25 edging and tiling trowels with concentration on the best materials for an average price point.

But trowel users like to try before they buy so Faithfull designed a hard-wearing packaging sleeve made from PVC/vinyl that could be slipped on and off many times so that potential buyers can examine the trowels closely and feel the all-important surfaces and edges. With information about the tool itself and the other tools in the range printed on the packaging, end users can make a savvy and informed purchase.

Faithfull is justifiably proud of its research and outcomes in this Prestige project – the start of February saw the new ranges hit the retailers’ shelves. End users too will be pleased to note that the pricing of on a typical Faithfull brickie’s trowel is around £31 – half the price of a ‘best’ trowel from other leading brands. Dealers and end users will want to keep an eye out for the new ‘Prestige’ branding of these trowels.

ToughBuilt – Built tough for a tough market

The ToughBuilt brand has been around for a while on the high streets and, having used a few of their products, I can confirm they do live up to the name. Largely aimed at trade users, the ranges are comprehensive and aimed at complementing each other.

Take the ClipTech range of pouches and belts, for example. ToughBuilt’s designers have created a range of trade-specific pouches that can be easily attached to the ToughBuilt belt using its ClipTech system.

Many of the pouches can stand up via a small kickstand so can be removed, stood and replaced quite easily to suit the job being done. Because they are not only customisable by trade but also by job, they offer end users a very flexible and modern way of working.

The ClipTech system also means that pouches can be hung in a van, workshop or even on a worksite, by simply purchasing a few more clips.

Supplementing this system is a range of totes and bags. Again, these are made in tough 1200 denier nylon with reinforced joints and solid bases in some cases.

The bags might be used to hold a set of ToughBuilt kneepads. Some of these are simply lightweight for light duty use but others are designed for the everyday user who needs kneepads that are exible, comfortable, non-marking, hardwearing and, most importantly, do not fall down when you stand up.

Similarly, a range of gloves provides users with a choice of grades of hand protection.

An absolute necessity on many worksites is a few trestles that can be employed in a number of ways. The adjustable legs on the ToughBuilt trestles take care of uneven ground and even steps. With the addition of a couple of 2x4s and a top, two trestles can be formed into a workbench – and at the end of the working day they can be folded and loaded into the back of the van.

I didn’t get much of a chance to try out the new spring loaded mitre saw stand, but its big wheels and 3m crosscutting support capacity will certainly be of use on some jobsites.

Milwaukee Hand Tools – Added to the power tool mix

In my view, Milwaukee is a company that has barely put a foot wrong in bringing a range of desirable (and therefore successful) power tools to market in the last few years. It is the fastest growing professional tool brand with over £69m in sales in the UK in 2018.

Milwaukee users are often the most loyal in my experience, so it seems like a nobrainer for the company to launch a range of hand tools that is now being exclusively marketed by Toolbank.

Predictably, most of the range of about 400 tools features the distinctive red and black Milwaukee livery and the range covers about 17 out of 20 of the most commonly used categories of trade tools: think knives, levels, pliers and wrenches, for example.

Since quality and design are key features of Milwaukee power tools, the hand tools have to reflect this philosophy too.

Therefore, the company spends a lot of time on research finding out what end users want, as well as discovering the best partners to manufacture the tools to the required standards.

I explored a few of the range of tape measures where it was clear that quality and ease of use made them stand out from the competition and an easy buy for a Milwaukee user.

The Milwaukee Packout tool boxes showed very clearly that the designers might have actually tested the problem of moving a range of tools around a city environment - safely and securely too.

The trolley has big 228mm diameter wheels for easy movement on pavements and stairs – or even getting onto an underground train. The boxes slot together firmly and are held to the trolley frame so that they can be individually removed in any order. With an IP65 rating they protect tools from dust and water too. I think I can feel a movement away from my current box system coming on.

I want a secure method of holding the boxes on the trolley, not just a nylon strap.

So, three new ranges to the Toolbank stocklist, and every one a winner on the face of it. I will be keeping my eyes open for them in my local independent tool shops.




JCB Workwear release two new products to enhance protection

PEOPLE skidding and falling as they walk down the street, the sound of sniffling around the office and people complaining about standstill traffic can only mean one thing: the winter months are setting in.

Safety is paramount around this time of year, especially for tradespeople, and the best way to minimise danger is through wearing the latest protective equipment.

JCB Workwear’s new products are designed to meet the high requirements and demands for a wide number of industries, including the tool sector.


JCB Workwear’s newly released XSERIES Black Boots provide ultimate protection for workers’ feet with their inner aluminium toe cap and outer heavy-duty scuff cap and heel protection, all the while delivering the latest in comfort and durability.

Additionally, the sleek, heavy-duty XSERIES is lightweight and features a water-repellent design through its material of black leather, to protect against the cold, wet and damp months.

Within the construction industry, sharp objects on the floor pose a significant and all-too-common threat for both outdoor and indoor workplaces.

The XSERIES boots have been tested against EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards, which means the Kevlar midsole protection will resist a penetration force of 1100N, as well as providing thermal insulation. In addition, the aluminium toe cap will withstand a 200-joule impact.

The new XSERIES footwear is also a product that is SRC slip-resistance tested. This means it has been SRA tested on ceramic tile wetted with dilute soap solution; and SRB tested on smooth steel with glycerol.

The XSERIES Black Boots provide a 5-loop fasten with black and gold round lace, and as an added benefit for those working in high temperatures, is a heat resistant to 300˚C.

The Baselayer: D+SA and D+SB

JCB Workwear’s Baselayer is made up of the D+SA top and the D+SB bottoms, which are made up of 100% polyester and come in sizes medium, large and extra-large.

It is easy to wash and dry, and keeps its colour and shape before and after wear.

The D+SA and D+SB both provide high performance antimicrobial fabric ACTIO:PRO™: a fabric which wicks away moisture from the skin.

This is beneficial as it provides a body climate-controlling aspect to suit its user in both hot and cold weather. Both items also have SPF50+ UV Protection, blocking 99% of UV radiation.


Industrial cleaning equipment specialists work to improve efficiency for trades and construction

V-TUF’S 2019 product launches are designed and developed with a focus on helping those in trade and construction to work efficiently and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

Exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show on stand L26, V-TUF are offering industrial cleaning and safetyfocussed equipment since 2015.

V-TUF has established itself as a manufacturer of targeted products through its popular range of M and H class rated dust extraction vacuums and trade specific accessories.

The combat campaign

The combat tagline was introduced through the organisation’s print and online promotions last year, and underlined their intentions to target dust, flood and dirt in commercial markets.

All of the ‘Combat Dust’ dust extraction vacuums are industry rated - HEPA H13 for M-class and H14 for H-class vacuums - guaranteeing the machines’ extraction efficiency and ensuring the compliance of onsite workers during extraction efforts.

The 110v/240v MINI is a compact M-class rated extraction vacuum that features a high visibility hose and cable, to assist in minimising trip hazards on site. 18KPA of suction power and washable filters demonstrate the focus on time and cost-saving capabilities which is carried throughout the range.

The soon-to-be-launched M-class MINI PLUS builds on the practicality of the original MINI with an 18-litre-bag capacity, compared with the original M-class MINI’s 8-litre-bag capacity.

For H-class-rated extraction, the 110v/240v MIDI and MIDI SYNCRO models include a 1400W industrial, bypass, twinturbine motor for increased power and faster clean up, and for additional time efficiency the SYNCRO model has an auto filter shaker feature.


Trade-specific time-saving accessories will become an increased part of the V-TUF range, such as the Cobra shave hook accessory launched last year for the painting and decorating market.

The ‘Combat Grime’ category includes both hot and cold water pressure cleaning equipment; built, developed and tested in house to guarantee the longevity of the machine before reaching the customer.

Both electric and fuel-based machines feature thermal protection valves and additional safety features such as oversized pumps or low oil alerts to help the user protect the machine and reduce potential costly repairs or spares requirements.

2019 will see the addition of compact battery-powered pressure cleaning equipment and accessories for industrial cleaning specialists. With each of the new models designed with time e ciency and cleaning freedom in mind.

As part of their 2019 event calendar, V-TUF will be exhibiting at the Executive Hire Show on 6 and 7 February, as well as Toolfair at Event City in Manchester on 14 and 15 March to conclude the company’s first quarter.

Caption image: The trolley mounted Torrent 3 model pressure washeroffers 4000PSI and 15 litres per minute.


Time to shine for Morris Site Machinery’s new lighting products

LEADING site equipment manufacturer Morris Site Machinery is set to shine when it debuts two new lighting products alongside its world-class machinery range, on Stand F30 - at the Executive Hire Show 2019.

The SMC TL90 Evolve – the next generation SMC TL90 lighting tower – and the SMC TL60 Solar Trolley, are the latest innovations from the company’s engineering team in response to the hire industry’s needs.

The SMC TL90 Evolve offers all the functionality of the current market leading SMC TL90 but with a new ergonomic design, more compact appearance and three lamp head options.

Richard Denholm, UK Sales Director, said: “We are constantly looking at how we can improve our products to ensure we’re delivering the brightest and best machineS which deliver value for customers.

"We’re excited to be debuting these two additions to our range of lighting towers.”

The SMC TL90 Evolve can be fitted with the standard four LED head, the groundbreaking Halo lamp head or a six LED head making it the brightest mobile lighting tower in the UK.

The six head Evolve+ has a crisp light output of 217,500 lumens - twice as powerful as its competitors - and is super silent at just 60dB(A) from 7m. The standard four head TL90 Evolve has a run time of 185 hours.

Renewable energy will be spotlighted with the launch of the compact SMC TL60 Solar Trolley. Totally solar powered, the energy efficient and easily deployable unit produces zero noise and zero emissions.

Its dusk-till-dawn sensor provides light when needed, saving battery power and removing the necessity for manual switching on and off. The unit is available with different LED oodlight arrangements including dimmable lights, auto-timer and PIR control.


Klingspor to display new range of chop saw blades at Executive Hire Show

KLINGSPOR Abrasives Ltd will once again be highlighting the latest additions to the company’s diamond cutting tool range at the Executive Hire Show.

The company can be found on stand K16. With nine new blades offering the latest technology for a variety of different materials, Klingspor are confident the company can offer a solution for all applications.

While at the Executive Hire Show, Klingspor will also be displaying its new range of chop saw blades. Their three new blades offer economy, fast-cutting and high-performance versions depending on your customers’ requirements.

Last year also saw the introduction of Klingspor’s new range of 230 x 1.9mm high-performance cutting-off wheels for use on metals.

The company’s new recipe gives extended life on the economy A 346 Extra, faster smoother cutting on the A 646 Supra and massively extended service life on the high-performance A 946 Special.

2018 was an exceptional year for the introduction of a wide range of new Klingspor products with 2019 promising the same.

Klingspor will be taking visitors and other exhibitors through the latest additions to the diamond cutting tool range. Speak to them on the stand for more information on our new products and advice on specific applications.


Tel: 01909 712 310

[email protected]

Snickers Workwear Baselayers to boost productivity during the winter months

DRESSING for the cold is like building a house – start with a good foundation.

Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing uses high-tech breathable fabrics for ventilation and body moisture transport for consistent warmth and comfort.

The seamless designs are available in 37.5® ventilating technology as well as polyester and merino wool to cold weather conditions.

The cutting-edge FLEXIWork and LITEwork designs and fabrics will keep users warm and dry – so they will not get cold, wet and shiver. All the garments are made from quick drying, lightweight fabrics that come with special ventilation features to control and regulate the heat from the wearer’s body.

All in all, Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing will provide the kind of warm, dry and fresh working comfort that users would not have thought possible. That is why Snickers Workwear is the brand of choice for working outside in the winter.

To get the more information on Snickers Workwear Baselayer Clothing, call the Snickers Helpline on: 01484 854788



Mecalac to showcase latest range at the Executive Hire Show

Stand J22

MECALAC Construction Equipment UK Ltd, a global leader in compact equipment design and manufacture, will showcase a number of models from its industry-leading product portfolio at the show.

Alongside the all-new 6MDX cabbed site dumper, Mecalac will exhibit its updated MBR-71 pedestrian roller and TV-1200 tandem compaction roller on Stand J22.

Each model has been designed to provide operators with a reliable and robust hire solution.

Paul Macpherson, UK Sales and Marketing Director at Mecalac CEUK, said: “As one of the UK’s most renowned rental exhibitions, we’re looking forward to showcasing our latest products, updates and equipment technologies at the 2019 Executive Hire Show. Being part of the show provides the perfect platform to share exciting plans for the future.”


The perfect blend of stylish design and functionality, the 6MDX sets the standards in site safety. With a six-tonne payload, operating weight of 4,950kg and top speed of 28kph, operators benefit from short-cycle times, outstanding manoeuvrability and best-in-class productivity.

A highly-efficient 3.4-litre, 55kw Perkins 854 IIIB-compliant engine generates 424Nm of torque, while DPF exhaust after-treatment (with passive regeneration) meets international emissions standards. Additional features include next generation Power Brakes (driven by the main hydraulic system), which deliver an improved feel alongside an all-new dashboard design and industry-leading safety credentials.


Specifically designed for the compaction of granular and asphalt materials, the single-drum MBR-71 is perfectly suited to applications including highway repair, footpaths, cycle lanes, playgrounds and landscaping environments. Its proven design provides superb balance, ensuring best-in-class manoeuvrability in tight spaces.

For 2019, the rental-tough roller has been redesigned to incorporate hydrostatic drive, alongside a series of additional engineering updates. Removing the clutch and belt arrangement results in fewer maintenance requirements, while a 35% increase in water tank volume has significantly increased working range. Moving operating controls to the handle will ensure safer and more ergonomically-friendly operation, complementing a new spring-applied hydraulic release handbrake, which activates when pressure is lost to maximise operator safety.


A proven favourite for rental professionals worldwide, the TV1200 is arguably one of the toughest tandem rollers on the market. Alongside a rugged design to withstand rental conditions, the model’s all-new vacuum formed bonnet, revised side arm, water-cooled engine and mass exciter system guarantee outstanding performance to reduce the number of required passes.

Full specification includes a one-metre drum width, operating weight of 2,925kg, static liner load of 12.18kg/cm and VPM of 2,880/3,360.

Two frequencies provide enhanced versatility, while an optional pressure-fed water sprinkler delivers greater flow regulation for improved cleaning capability.


How important is saving for a pension in the construction industry?

WHEN you work in the construction industry, it can be hard to look past the project you are currently working on as there will be so much to focus on.

While it is smart to be focused on the task at hand, it is important to plan for the future particularly when it comes to retirement and your pension.

A pension will provide you with more money to enjoy when you finally decide to ‘pack it all in’ and start to lead a life of luxury.

What is more, if you are self-employed – as many builders, plumbers and carpenters are – then you will need to plan for your future even more.

Having a pension and planning for retirement is incredibly important, but it seems the total of savings has dropped amongst millennials since 2016 which is a cause for concern.

Confusion over pensions

One of the main reasons millennials and other groups are contributing less to their retirement is confusion over how pensions work. However, the duty of your employer to explain how pensions work, regardless of the industry.

Open a dialogue with your employers so that they can explain the process in more depth, if needed.

Learning about pensions

Portafina is a brilliant resource for learning everything you need to know about pensions. Here you can learn how pensions work, the benefits of having a pension, the different types of pension are available and how to manage your pension. Portafina can be used to make the intelligent decision about your pension so you can build towards a brighter future once you decide to retire from the construction industry.


One of the key aspects to be aware of when it comes to pensions is tax relief. When you add funds to your pot, the UK government will refund the amount of income tax that you've paid. This will help you to make huge savings in the long run (although there is a limit).

Additionally, there are tax breaks: the funds that you add to your pension are not taxed.

Compound interest

Essentially, this means the more savings that you put into your pension pot, the more money you’ll save as there is a snowball effect - this is compound of interest which Albert Einstein once claimed was “the eighth wonder of the world”.

Peace of mind

It is understandable millennials and other groups are struggling to add to their pension due to the cost of living and rent and property prices, but saving a small amount on a regular basis can go a long way and provide important peace of mind for you and your family.

Visit Portafina Discovery to find out more about pensions and how they can help to build towards a comfortable retirement after retiring from construction. You can also receive helpful updates at the Portafina LinkedIn, Portafina Facebook, Portafina Youtube and Twitter pages. Check out Portafina jobs for a rewarding career related to pensions.



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