Managing customer and prospect data just got easier for distributor with OGL Computer

FINDING your niche in a marketplace can be rewarding for many years, but over time you will need to take a closer look at the information you have stored, and take a proactive approach towards keeping your data accurate to ensure continued business growth.

Whether you gain business via email marketing, telephone calls or visiting a potential customer, having the correct information readily available is crucial in the selling process.

An individual contact can have a number of roles, and therefore interact with your staff for different reasons.

This can often lead to duplicate or inconsistent records being held about a single individual in different locations.

It can also sometimes lead to a new customer’s contact information being misplaced, leading to confusion and wasted follow up time.

No matter the scenario, the key is to have a central system that is open to your employees to share and store information in an efficient, secure and timely manner.

Wasting precious time searching for customer information can damage both customer relationships and staff morale, not to mention the risk involved if the information is incorrect or lost.

Helping your staff provide the best level of service to your existing customers should be a top priority.

A misplaced email containing vital information about a business will not only make you look inefficient when speaking with the customer, it could also cause issues for your accounts team at the time of payment.

As well as this, trying to impress a prospect to become a new customer using out-of-date information can be near impossible for your sales staff, leading to decreasing orders and disgruntled employees.

Other issues such as staff absence can also leave you without access to vital customer information, leaving room for competitors to gain ground with your prospects.

Cindy Phillips, Marketing Manager at OGL, said: “OGL’s business software for stockists and distributors, prof.ITplus, manages documentation centrally in an integrated CRM module, helping to remove these obstacles and giving full visibility of past communications, contact information and related records.

Access to live data regarding customers is possible from any location, giving sales teams the power to maximise sales opportunities by cross-selling, up-selling, offering discounts, and plugging special offers.”

Welcome to a new world order for ToolBUSINESS + HIRE

AFTER many successful years at the helm of ToolBUSINESS + HIRE Magazine, Editor Anne Hall has passed on the baton to new owners.

Anne, who will be remaining as a consultant to the magazine, will continue to work with new custodians PAL Media Limited - who already publish the leading publication in the recycling, waste and skip hire sectors in the UK and Ireland.

New editor Andrew Gold, who also edits the new owner's Skip Hire & Waste Magazine, believes the change will prove to be great news for ToolBUSINESS + HIRE customers and readers.

Andrew, who is based at the company's Hazel Grove, Stockport headquarters, said: "We'd like to pay tribute to Anne for the way she's built the title and we're looking forward to working alongside her in her new role as a consultant.

"She'll still be attending shows and playing a big part in the magazine as we look to build on her success, and give advertisers and readers some brand new and exciting options."

Resident tool expert Peter Brett will also be continuing as the face of the publication.

Editor Andrew continued: "Peter's obviously the guy everybody knows in the industry so we'll be ensuring his coverage of the sector is as informative as ever.

"We're delighted both Peter and Anne will continue to be heavily involved, and feel with our own proven magazine publishing experience we can take the magazine into the 21st century with great con dence."

Skip Hire & Waste Magazine host the annual WASTE exhibition, due to be held on Thursday July 5 at the Warwickshire Event Centre in Leamington Spa.

Although the title has changed hands, it will still focus on exactly the same things which have made it a must read in the hire and tool sectors.

Andrew said: "We'll be tweaking a few things but will still be concentrating on the tool reviews that have become part and parcel of what we do.

"Advertisers will be seeing a lot more of us as we aim to get round all our clients to visit them at their premises, and to see what we can do to drive business for them.

"We're particularly looking forward to reporting on the sector, and featuring a mix of reviews, fun and more serious news."


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