The guide to selecting equipment & tools

The Preparation Group, a leading expert in preparing, polishing and cleaning floors and surfaces, has produced a poster to show the best equipment and dust extraction choices for a range of common tasks including; preparing concrete, removing adhesive, carpet & vinyl and polishing floors.

Covering its range of 110v machines, the poster details everyday issues and asks in simple terms questions like, the properties of the substrate to be removed or the degree of polishing required, to select the exact equipment needed. It also includes information on edgework and suitable dust extraction for the method used.

There are 14 main projects covered from floor paint removal and surface reduction to cleaning.

The Preparation Group offers flexible solutions with a large fleet of Planers, Grinders, Multi-strippers, STGs, Shotblasters, Vacuums and Hand Tools available for Hire anywhere in the UK. It is the only surface preparation company to be SafeHire accredited, providing quality, easy to use equipment with guidance for safe operation. Hire customers can also benefit from complete fleet management; repairs, servicing and PAT tests, to ensure legal compliance, long life and continued performance.

Says Kate Walshaw, Hire Group Manager, ‘With over 25 years’ experience in the surface preparation industry, we provide the highest quality equipment complete with dust extraction. Huge stocks of machines, tools and accessories are available to ship next day, or the same day within two hours of our Lincoln depot. Our range is designed to last, with little or no maintenance and minimal operating costs, to maximise hire rental opportunities.’

‘What sets us apart is our technical support, knowledge and expertise. The Guide is a handy reference, but we can advise on the exact equipment to select in different circumstances and importantly how to effectively use it to get the job done. ‘

For a copy of the poster call 01522 561460 or email: [email protected].

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