New ZIPP pencil grinder reduces vibration risks

Master Abrasives is pleased to announce the introduction of the new ZIPP Air Tools micro die grinder range to the UK, also known as pencil grinders.

The new ZIPP pencil grinders prove to have extremely low vibration results in real use test conditions, offering an affordable solution to companies trying to reduce the risk of Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) in the workplace.

“We carried out a series of Hand Arm Vibration tests with the ZPD212 and two of the market leading pencil grinders from different brands for a true comparison." Andy Wright, National Sales Manager, explains, “The test results showed that the ZIPP pencil grinder had a lower vibration magnitude than the other two tools, proving that as well as getting value for money customers can benefit from low HAV levels when using the quality ZIPP tool range.”

The current list price of the ZIPP pencil grinder ZPD212 is £96.00, significantly lower than some alternative brands models in the market. It comes with the standard ZIPP warranty which is valid for a year after purchase (full terms online). By selecting low-vibration tools from the ZIPP range, companies can save costs and find an affordable solution for reducing the risk of HAVS in the workplace.

Product Showcase Master Abrasives pencil grinder Air Tools
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