Wiha easyTorque adapters

Wiha easyTorque adapters have been added to the torque range for electricians and are compatible with all Wiha slimVario products

Tool users are now being offered a user- and cost- friendly addition to the Wiha torque range with the new easyTorque adapters. With full protective insulation and total compatibility with the Wiha slimVario range, they allow users to fasten screws safely in a controlled way.

The Wiha torque range is growing as well as the slimVario family. The new easyTorque electric torque adapters enable all products in the slimVario family, such as the LiftUp electric magazine bit holder, Stubby electric or slimVario bit-holders, to be 'upgraded' into fixed-torque tools once inserted. The versatile slimVario product range thus gains an additional function with controlled screw fastening, increasingly important in the electricians segment.


The correct torque safeguards against damage to materials, eliminates the need for retouching and protects against warranty claims. Just like all Wiha slimBits or slimVario ergonomic screwdriver or magazine bit holder handles, the easyTorque adapters have been individually tested to 10,000 V AC and are approved up to 1,000 V AC. In addition to the set available from retailers, comprising a SoftFinish® ergonomic bit holder handle, two slimBits and the easyTorque adapter, this new Wiha innovation is also supplied as a separate item. A five-piece set containing all adapter variants with fixed torques of 0.8, 2.0, 2.5, 2.8 and 4.0. is also offered. The adapters are not suitable for use with power tools. 

Wiha easyTorque adapters
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