V-TUF shows how to accessorise in the run up to 2018.

In September 2017, V-TUF launched one of the most cost effective M Class Vacuum solutions in the market, with the aim of making compliant dust extraction achievable to the masses.

With the success of this launch, and subsequent customer feedback, the product innovation team based at their East Midlands headquarters began working on further add on solutions to ensure that no problem was left unsolved.

In the November review of the V-TUF M class vacuum, conducted by Peter Brett for Tool Business+ Hire, he mentioned the issue of no auxiliary plug for connecting corded power tools whilst using the dust extraction vac, but that light was on the Horizon.

After considerable testing and development, the product team at V-TUF HQ introduced the V-TUF Synergy at the end of November.

What was originally coined the ‘Flick’ evolved into the ‘Synergy’ as it allowed for exactly that. The synchronised use of your dust extraction vacuum and power tools, removing the problem of only being able to extract fully after the job was completed.

Following suit and also launched at the end of November was the V-TUF Cobra, a shave hook dust extraction accessory focused on removing dust and small shavings during removal of paintwork on wood surfaces. The Cobra promises safe, quick and cost efficient preparation on site. 

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