The Nordic market leader in fastening ESSVE to enter UK market

After 50 years in business, ESSVE took a giant leap five years ago with the launch of the ESSBOX system, an integrated fastening system developed in close cooperation with professional craftsmen to make their everyday life more efficient. Now the system goes global.

One of the reasons behind ESSVE´s strong growth is its close collaboration with retailers. As ESSVE offers a one-of-a-kind integrated fastening system including a wide assortment of fastening solutions (around 5000 articles), the company also serves as a partner to its retailers and as a support in the development of their businesses.

“Our strength is our constant focus on the end-user, their experience and challenges. Today, 500 million ESSVE screws are sold every year, or 61 per second", says Johan Cederstrand, International Sales Director at ESSVE.

In connection with the brands global launch ESSVE is also presenting “the world’s best wood screw” – ESSDRIVE

ESSDRIVE is the result of four years of research and development that began in 2014. Some of Sweden’s leading engineers and developers from Chalmers University of Technology have been involved in the work. Compared to standard wood screws, ESSDRIVE saves the shoulders by reducing the compressive force needed by two-thirds. Thanks to the design of the tip and thread, maximum starting power is achieved at minimal pressure, which makes the screw feel extremely “fast-starting”.

“ESSDRIVE represents a completely new type of wood screw - from the tip and thread to the shank and head. ESSDRIVE is the ergonomic choice for the craftsman, it bites directly, does not cause splitting, has a high clamping force and gives the work a nice finish. Essdrive is a game changer!” says Max Lagerstedt, CEO of ESSVE.

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