An Industrialised World: The Unknown Aspects

So you’re on your lunch break. Maybe you work in an office, maybe you are a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer. What are you going to eat and drink for your lunch? Have you or your partner made you up a lunch, or will you take five minutes to walk to the closest shop, hastily picking up whatever meal deal they have to offer. If you indeed have a lunch box, the chances are you have a bottle of juice, or maybe a flask of tea or coffee, or maybe your employment space is one step ahead and you and your co-workers chip in every so often to keep the coffee supply in the communal area flowing. However you managed to get whatever it is that keeps you going, chances are you have not considered the industrial back force behind it. That jar of coffee was once one of many, sitting in a stockpile in a warehouse waiting to reach you and your cup.

So in a day and age that is so heavily focused on new and innovative technology, it’s no wonder we don’t think of exactly where the material we have acquired has come from, and how the simplicity of it all is a reality. People that do think of this kind of thing however are the businesses producing the items necessary to transport jars of coffee to shops. Companies like SNAPCO that sell industrial and packaging supplies. Stretch wrap, sometimes referred to as stretch film is the tight material often found around industrial products, and as someone who worked in a few restaurants where the products such as cans of juice would be delivered in bulk – that really hard plastic that kills your fingers when trying to open it. This is part of the appeal of stretch wrap however, its elastic recovery means that whatever is covered is safely protected inside.

If you are a producer, or know one, consider where you are getting your stretch wrap from. Is it the most efficient, reliable and good quality stretch wrap available? SNAPCO offer two types of stretch wrap – manual and machine. Manual stretch wrap is, in industrial terms called ‘hand stretch wrap’, and it is a quick way of safely securing your produce. The excellent thing about this manual way of doing things is the pricing is affordable to everyone, so if you do have a small independent business then this is the most reliable way of ensuring that no damage is caused to any of your products. If you are weary of anyone knowing what is underneath your stretch wrap however, you can invest in black coloured film from SNAPCO to ensure not only safety and reliability, but complete privacy as well. The second form of stretch wrap is for machines. This wrap would traditionally be aimed at larger producers, but that’s not to say it’s not a starting point for a small business looking to flourish. A great product to accompany this larger form of stretch wrap is the Fromm F380 Stretch Wrapping Machine which enables a film tension of up to 250%, and also replaces a job of having to manually wrap things yourself. 

It isn’t just stretch wrap that goes in to getting you that jar of coffee however, other pieces of industrial equipment such as abrasives. Abrasives are materials used to smooth or finish off a workpiece and many kinds are used. Such as cutting and slitting disks, the ones found on SNAPCO are an example of precision and will last a long time with a long service life. Other types of cutting material offered include flap wheels which are used to remove imperfections from surfaces. All products are not just for industry, or production. They are a part of daily life for anyone who so wishes to use them. 

Industry is a part of daily life which we are quick to disregard and take for granted. Just think about it the next time you are sipping on your coffee on your break, maybe you’re reading this with a cup of coffee in one hand at the moment. Maybe you’re thinking about going to get one now. However, just remember there is a girl or a boy in the back room of a shop currently struggling to get in to a package of produce due to the elasticity and reliability of industrial stretch wrap. That’s something we should all consider. 

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