SENCO brings EXPANDET to the UK

The inventor of the world’s first plastic wall plug is coming to the UK!

Since 1950, EXPANDET has been one of Europe's most successful brands of fixings used in concrete, drywall, brickwork & block. In fact EXPANDET invented the world’s first thermoplastic PVC wall plug, & still manufacture them today at their Danish factory, together will a host of other fixings products.

Now part of SENCO, one of the world’s largest manufacturers & distributors of tools & fasteners, EXPANDET is pleased to be launching its range of fixings in the UK, a range which includes not only ETA Option 1 & 7 Anchor Resin, Plasterboard Fixings, Concrete Screws & Bolts, & Frame Screws, but also a product first patented by EXPANDET in 1970, the Rosett Plasterboard Fixing.

The Rosett uses the principle of creating a plastic knot behind plasterboard to achieve high-load bearing capabilities. With the Rosett the installation of heavy objects like kitchen cabinets, radiators and shelving systems on drywall is a breeze. Ideal for fixing weights of up to 70kg, the Rosett is available in three types, to suit double & single boarding, as well as for situations with limited space behind the board. The Rosett is also suitable for use in hollow brick, chipboard & aerated concrete.

You can see the Rosett in action on the SENCO EMEA YouTube Channel, & the EXPANDET catalogue can be downloaded at

Further details on this new range are available on the EXPANDET website at & for more information call SENCO’s Customer Service team on 01925-445566.


Product Showcase SENCO Expandet
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