DART Red Ten Delivers on Diamond!

The DART Red Ten range of diamond blades and cores is a highly respected brand, known in the market for quality and performance. 

The range offers a blade for every user application; whether cutting through hard, medium or soft materials.  From the Concrete/Universal Blades which can be used to cut through hard materials, natural stone, clay, engineering bricks and metal to ceramic or Tile cutting blades for porcelain, ceramic tiles, granite and marble, Red Ten has it covered. 

New additions to the range are the Abrasive Blade for cutting abrasive materials, concrete and asphalt and also a specialised Asphalt Blade for extremely abrasive materials, including cement screed and lignacite blocks.

Included in this range is also the popular and unique Mini Diamond Porcelain Drill which has a proven record of high speed, continuous multiple hole-cutting. The drill requires no guiding, minimal coolant, and fast easy waste ejection, with a very high grade exposed diamond to allow for the fast, smooth cutting. It can handle cutting through very hard tiles, porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, glass, slate and stone.

If it’s Dry Core Bits you need for drilling through masonry, brick and concrete, DART Red Ten offers over twenty sizes, ranging from 22mm up to 200mm. The spiral barrel design draws dust away from the cutting edge, increasing speed and life of the diamond tip, while the V Groove Tip increases the bite and cutting speed of the core. The DCD/Spiro cores also come in a 5 piece kit, which includes five sizes of cores, a Hex and SDS Adaptors, taper drill, drift key and all in a heavy duty case.


DART Diamond Diamond Cutting Tools
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