Ray® Has Arrived: The Innovative Tool That Guarantees a Perfect Seal Everytime

BATOIDEA LIMITED, has announced today the official trade launch of the Ray®, an effortless sealant finishing tool that seals, smooths and removes silicone residue in a single pass, producing a perfect finished seal every time.

The Ray® is proving to be an indispensable addition to plumbers, builders and DIY enthusiasts tool-kit.  The time saving device helps reduce product wastage and gives users the confidence to create the perfect finishing touch when working with all types of silicone, fillers and putty. 

 “We set out to design and develop a simple, easy to use and capable finishing tool to solve the frustrations faced by tradesmen and DIYers when it comes to tackling a sealant job.” says Roger Morley, Inventor and Founder of Ray®.  “We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response so far from both retailers and users and we are looking forward to making the product as widely accessible as possible across the major DIY stores, builders merchants and garden centres.”

The Ray® is indeed a remarkably simple, but clever little device that takes on the challenge of creating a perfect finished seal.  Made from a single piece of moulded polypropylene with two wings sprung from the central body which converge at the surface of a joint.  When passed along the seal, the Ray® simultaneously cuts away and collects the residual material, whilst smoothing the surface of the silicone for a beautiful, clean, mess free finish.

The Ray® tool’s genius design and simple shaping is the secret to its successful application every time.

  • Convex smoothing edge which denotes the seal shape and width.
  • Tapered blade edge, profiled for efficient material removal.
  • Thumb locator for convenience.
  • Tensioned hinge to maintain regulated pressure against the respective interfacing surfaces.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Ray® tool guarantees an accurate seal with no mess.  The Ray® has proven to be a popular little gadget amongst both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts and retailing at £4.95, the price is both affordable and accessible for amateurs and professionals alike.

"After many years of struggling unsuccessfully with silicon sealants and various methods of smoothing the bead, I purchased this simple little tool. I could not believe how easy it was to use. Giving a perfect bead first time, every time. It is as simple as the video demo illustrates.”    Ian Price – November 2015

Ray® is designed and manufactured in Great Britain by Batoidea Ltd. Each pack contains two width sizes per pack, including a 4mm blue Ray® and a 6mm black Ray®. Ray® also comes available to buy in CDUs for shelf or till display and handy clip strips for convenient shelf hanging display in store.

For full instructions on how to use Ray® tool please visit www.raytool.co.uk

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