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Marcrist Launch the Ultimate Toolbox Hero

Marcrist International, the Doncaster based Diamond Tool experts are launching their latest line of high quality trade tools.

The MM850 is a multi-material drill piece, purposely designed for the materials which are predominantly drilled by fitters, plumbers, builders, tilers and electricians.

Karl Lycett, Product Manager for Marcrist International said “The drill piece has been designed to save the tradesman time and money and still produce the Marcrist Quality. The piece can easily drill into Brick, Stone, Plaster Board, Concrete, Wood, Breeze Block, Aluminium and PVC plastic common materials tradesmen encounter, without the need to keep changing machines and drill pieces”

With exceptional performance the MM850 will be the leading multi-material drill on the market at a competitive price, the drill piece benefits from a self-centring tip to reduce any slippage on the material during drilling as well as producing a precision hole at speed.

Part of the Marcrist AkkuMAX range, the drill piece is designed for corded and cordless drills, with or without percussion, preventing the need to change not only drill pieces for different materials but also the machine. The double shank supports conventional chucks with its Rounded shank as well as a Hex shank to reduce slipping in the chuck during drilling.

Karl said “we recognised the need for the local tradesman to have a single drill piece that would drill multiple material. Tradesmen may very well have to drill several materials during jobs at the same time, instead of having to replace drill pieces for each material the MM850 alone will do just the job. That’s why we are calling this the Ultimate Toolbox Hero.”

The MM850 is available now in a range of sizes from Ø5mm to Ø14mm and also available in a five-piece multipack.  

For more information, visit:

Tel:+44 (0)1302 890888

Email: [email protected]

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