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Heavy-duty Master air coolers

As the cooling season is approaching, Master Climate Solutions offers high performance cooling equipment for spring and summer. Master portable air coolers BC 180 and BC 340 are ideal for rental companies, industry and the logistics sector.

Both models are easy to move and install. Their operating range is from 330-400m2 and the airflow is for BC 180 – 15,000m3/h, and for BC 340 – 20,000m3/h. They are equipped with an automatic water supply and large water tanks that provide longer operating hours. Their robust construction makes them highly resistant to damage, and low running costs may appeal to many professional users as well as rental companies.

Using the process of evaporation, these devices are harmless to your health, and at the same time serve to lower the ambient temperature in a fully natural way. The constant fresh-air circulation eliminates the risk of recirculation of exhausts, smoke and micro-organisms which may be harmful.

Master air coolers can operate both outdoors and indoors, with open doors and windows that make them ideal cooling equipment for production halls, warehouses, shopping malls and workshops.  They can be an effective alternative – both cheaper and healthier – to traditional air-conditioning solutions. 


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