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Fein Dusts Off Powerful New Extractor Range

FEIN’s family of extractors is expanding with the addition of two new premium class, wet and dry extractors. Both are powerful and for the first time are equipped with automatic filter cleaning. The Dustex 35 MX AC is an M Class approved extractor (WEL > 0.1 mg/m 3) whilst the FEIN Dustex 35 LX AC is rated for L-classification extraction (WEL > 1.0 mg/m 3). Both machines come with a large number of special equipment features and extensive accessories making the tools suitable for multiple professional tasks on site or in the workshop.

Safety extractors for tradespeople are split into dust classes: L (Low), M (Medium) and H (High) depending on the risks associated with the dusts involved. Some wood dusts (such as beech and ash) and mineral dusts containing quartz fall under the M class. Since recognizing substances can be difficult, a safety extractor is advised on most sites.

The launch is also the first time FEIN has equipped its extractors with a fully automatic filter cleaning system. The innovative new AutoClean technology reverses the airflow every 15 seconds, blowing away any fine dust that may have settled in the filter back into the secondary deposable bag. Fitting the extractors with AutoClean allows for a consistently high suction force, meaning even large volumes of hazardous dust can be removed. Both dust extractors will work across wet and dry applications, reliably absorbing fine dusts and liquids.

This Auto clean system also extends the filter’s life considerably, meaning the machine can work continuously and uninterrupted for much longer because of less frequent filter changes. This approach is far more effective than the traditional closed filter bag system and makes the extractors more cost-effective. As well as being economical the premium class extractors guarantee above-average suction power with a 1380W turbine, a volumetric flow of 4,320 litres a minute and a 254-millibar vacuum.

Furthermore, FEIN has designed the new extractors so that its toolboxes and those from other manufacturers can be easily fitted onto the box holder. This special new design will allow users to move around site freely without complication. Toolboxes can also be secured with tension belts and the extractor’s 7.5m rubber cable and 4m hose provide users with a large working radius.

FEIN has also fitted the Dustex extractor with high-quality wheels that can be turned 360 degrees and locked securely on sloped surfaces. Additionally, with an extensive range of accessories supplied, the tool can be tailored to user’s needs. Included with each device are two suction pipes, an elbow, a floor nozzle, a crevice nozzle, two tool collars and an intake brush. Furthermore, models with M classification are fitted with an electrostatically discharging suction hose as standard. All accessories are compatible with the compact class and the hose and other accessories can be secured with an elastic band.

Available at specialist retailers, the Dustex 35MXAC has an SSP of £539.95 excluding VAT and the L classification Dustex 35LXAC dust at £429.95 excluding VAT. To find your nearest dealer or to find out more information about FEIN, please visit

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