Ductable Electric MASTER Heaters

Powerful, robust and very durable ductable Master electric heaters are one of the first choice equipment for rental companies. They are multi-functional devices with a great scope of applications.

They are mainly used in the construction industry, but they are also perfectly suited for heating other facilities. Their durable, damage resistant design and high quality components ensure long-term, trouble-free operation. Masters' offer includes four models in a range of 18 to 40 kW. The standout advantage is simple and quick installation. They are also easy to move thanks to big wheels and comfortable handles. A significant feature is the possibility to connect flexible tubes distributing warm air – even up to two for models Master B18/B30. When using them, heating difficult-to-reach places or on the upper floors is not a problem. The models B18 and B30 also offer the capacity to connect an optional room thermostat for more economical heating - the  RS 30 and RS 40 models are already equipped with it. They are perfect for closed spaces as there is no oxygen consumption, no fumes and no odours. Master electric heaters can also be used for ventilation only with their summer-winter switch.    

These Master heaters are highly recommended to all who need an immediate temperature hit and a high volume of heat, especially at longer distances.

More information: www.masterheaters.co.uk

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