COMET OFFICINE, one of Europe’s well known manufacturers of access platforms is pleased announced its arrival in the UK

COMET OFFICINE, one of Europe’s well known manufacturers of access platforms since 1960, is pleased announced its arrival in the UK with the opening of COMET UK, operating from a brand new facility near Malton in North Yorkshire.

Mark Harrison, Head of COMET UK operations, said “we are pleased to now offer the full range of COMET platforms and product support from our UK base here in Yorkshire. Comet manufacture an incredible range of machines and different options, with an emphasis on high build quality and simple control systems for maximum reliability and low running costs, an ideal combination for the hire and commercial users in the UK”.

The range includes the revolutionary X lifts which COMET UK plan to concentrate on in the beginning, which offer a level of compactness not seen in trailer lifts here in the UK before. The X Lift range can also be fitted to trucks and specialist vehicles, the compact dimensions mean that the X lift can be installed cross over behind the truck cab, leaving space for a body to carry tools and parts which in many cases sending only one vehicle to work on certain jobs where previously two separate vehicles have been required. The X lifts offer reaches of 12 & 14 metres with outreach up to 6.5 metres, but folds into a space of 2 metres by 1 metres.

The unique Xirrafe offers the compact dimensions of the X Lift on a 4 wheel drive cross country buggy with the ability to be taken to site on a trailer behind a transit type van, and then driven across rough terrain to difficult access areas where in the past only larger and much more expensive off-road vehicles could take access platforms, this machine means the normal service vehicles can take out a go anywhere lift quickly and easily.

The X trailer, offers a trailer unit with very compact dimensions, when folded for transport the trailer is less than 3.5 metres long and only 1.8 metres wide, minimising storage space required and maximising accessibility in very compact working areas. Once extended the swing of the X trailer boom is within the stabilising legs, ideal when operating next to traffic or in confined spaces such as shopping centres, and combined with variations of power source including, Petrol, mains electric or battery power, the X trailer offers maximum flexibility.

Although COMET UK are concentrating on the X lifts, with a demo Roadshows planned to take place around the UK in October and November, larger vehicle mounted lifts from the COMET range will be available for demonstration in the new year and with lifts upto 45 metres, including truck and van mounts and new range of spider lifts in 2018, not to mention specialist insulated platforms for main line electrical work to ANSI standards with fiberglass booms and baskets, there is a COMET lift for nearly all applications. For more information or to book in to the Autumn X Lift demo tour then please call COMET UK on 01944 363088. 

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