Water safety and rescue training for Thames construction workers

Britain’s most renowned river expert is training construction workers along the Thames in London to help combat health and safety issues.

Ant Eddies-Davies, who runs Live the Adventure in Shropshire, has been tapped-up for his rescue skills, having previously trained everyone from international defence forces to emergency services in how to stay safe on the water.

With so much building work taking place alongside one of London’s prime access routes, this particular project will see Ant giving vital training to some of Britain’s leading construction firms on major projects around the capital’s leading building ventures.

Working with the likes of McAlpine and Balfour Beatty, much of the work will be undertaken in Canary Wharf, London’s vibrant business and financial district.

Observing appropriate practice near to water’s edge is crucial to ensuring the well-being of workers and, ultimately, the construction and long-term durability of buildings.

Ant hopes his expertise and experience will ensure the correct procedures are fulfilled:

“We have run courses this year for a number of leading construction companies who are building alongside the water’s edge,” he said, “Regulations mean everyone working near water needs to have proper safety training and protection. It makes a lot of financial sense for companies to bring us in to help train their staff rather than pay water patrols for months on end. This is a great project to be involved with and I hope my knowledge will ensure the staff are fully up to speed with the correct procedures.”

Live the Adventure offers one of the most diverse ranges of professional training programmes and courses in the UK.

For further information visit www.livetheadventure.co or contact Live the Adventure on 01746718436.

Live the Adventure water rescue Health and Safety Training
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