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Gravesend employee celebrates 15-year milestone

An employee from Gravesend groundwork and materials supplier Rudridge has celebrated 15 years at the company.

Yard sales assistant Chris Yates, who joined the business in 2003, was presented with the company’s long service award and certificate by Regional Director Clive Summerfield.

Chris said:

“I can honestly say I have enjoyed every moment of working at Rudridge. We have quite a few members of staff who have completed 10 to 15 years’ service and beyond, which is testament to what a great place this is to work. I am looking forward to being here for plenty more years to come.”

Clive praised Chris for his dedication and hard work. He said:  

“Chris is outside in all weathers helping customers, and always has a smile on his face. He is a perfect example of the dedication and commitment of our team, which always strives to deliver the very best service.”

Branch Manager, Craig Lyons, also marks his five-year anniversary at the company and commented:

“We want to thank Chris for his loyalty and positivity. I’m equally pleased to be celebrating five years with Rudridge, working with an incredible group of people. Our team is the key to the success of the branch, so taking the opportunity to celebrate each individual achievement is very important to us.”

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