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Mirka DEROS and Abranet Ace Abrasives - Perfect Partners?

DEROS – Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander

The Mirka DEROS 5650CV 125/150 Orbit 5.0 Case UK – its full title – is a well specified and thoroughly modern sander – and its price reflects this. But it is also very well made, versatile enough to fit into a large number of work scenarios, both on site and in the workshop, and it reflects most of the current developments in sanding technology. So once again it is a case that you get what you pay for.

A Brief Run Down of Specs

Wera 2go Helps us to Get Organised

Systems, Systems…

Why Buy..?

  • Stylish and practical
  • Well designed for easy carrying of a range of tools
  • System built for versatility
  • Strong nylon manufacture for long service life.

Regular users of Wera tools will know that the brand is well known for its systemisation. The tools are designed to work together to help users to maintain some semblance of organisation. Wera does this with careful tool presentation in wallets etc, and by making tool identification as easy as possible.

Bosch Builds-in Connectivity

The Future for Tools Too?

Why Buy..?

  • Modern ergo design
  • New cool battery technology
  • Bosch Connected Range of tools
  • Bosch ToolBox App enabled

It seems as though we need ‘Smart’ everything nowadays, and in this regard, Bosch has taken the lead by introducing a small range of six connected tools for what they amusingly call the ‘Millennitool Generation.’

ZIPP Mini Air Sander from Master Abrasives

Dinky Sanding With Fine Control

Why Buy..?

  • Air power is efficient and economical
  • Flexible easily mounted discs
  • Good variety of discs for different jobs
  • Handy carry case

Master Abrasives, based in Daventry, Northamptonshire, aims to cover the specialist needs in UK industries for abrasives, machinery and grinding. Working to ISO standard 9001, the company has set a benchmark for others in the UK to follow.

Multi-Purpose Rectangular Sanding Plates from National Abrasives

Take Your Pick for a Job Well Done

Why Buy..?

  • Rigid pads for easy sanding
  • With clips or hook and loop attachment of abrasive sheets
  • Can be used with a pole

This month we have rectangular sanders to look at. I was sent four samples and a variety of sanding sheets so that I could explore just how versatile the extra components added to the system are. 

Reisser Screws – Look Sharp!

I am very familiar with Reisser screws – having been tempted to buy a ‘Handy Pack’ of Cutter screws in common sizes to fit into my site workbox. In my experience the Reisser Cutter screws are high quality performance woodscrews with enough features to appeal to a wide audience. 

The MudGun from National Abrasives No Fuss Drywall Taping and Repairs

The basis of the MudGun is the gun itself. It is like a larger sealant gun. This is the basic “mud delivery system”. Both kits come with two nozzles - one for flat joints and the other for inside corners. There is also a 7 inch finishing head, a T-adaptor, an inside corner smoothing tool and a cleaning brush. 

CAMPINGAZ Garden Torches – Fiery Weed Control

I am the world’s worst gardener, and what I always look for is a quick and easy solution to weedkilling.Chemical weedkillers seem to offer what seems to me a thorough solution to regrowth, but they are sometimes not indicated when animals and children are around, so the CAMPINGAZ garden torch offered a different solution to my weeds. 


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