Wera Tool Rebels Take Note: More Innovation and 2018 Has Just Begun

Being a Wera Tool Rebel requires quite a bit of homework in order to keep up with the almost constant stream of innovation emanating from Wuppertal. Wera often thinks of things we need before we know we need them.

However, ‘ordinary’ end users need not fear because a quick trip to a Wera stockist and a quick explanation of the problem will most often see you emerge with the solution.

Draper 20V Impact Wrench – More Power to Your Trigger Finger

Why Impact Wrenches?

Impact wrenches are a coming thing because there is every reason to use advances in battery technology to free yourself from trailing compressor airlines without loss of capability. Equally, scaffolders can use cordless impact wrenches to cope with the hundreds of nuts they have to tighten and loosen each day, because the tools are small and light enough to fit into a pouch as well as needing only one hand to operate compared to a normal scaffolder’s wrench.

Flex IW 18.0 EC Making an Impact

Impacts are Everywhere

Just about every trade I speak to has some use for an impact wrench and they are very frequently used – just listen for the characteristic ‘clacker-clack’ sound next time you pass a worksite. Some tradespeople even have a 12v tool for smaller tasks and an 18v for heavy duty stuff. In impact wrenches and drivers, as in other cordless tools, the adoption of Li Ion battery packs and EC or brushless motors has made these tools even more useful because they extend battery life, increase power and enhance reliability.

Hitachi Cordless Framing Nailer Time to Give up the Gas?

Aimed at: Pros who want freedom from compressors and gas cartridges.

Pros: Excellent performance and adjustability – you will want one especially if you have Hitachi 18v tools already.

I like using gas nailers – they have the power repeatedly to drive 90mm plus nails into rafters or studwork with the pull of a trigger and a loud bang. 

Einhell Power X-Change Brushless Combi. Weekend Treat? Or Something More?

Aimed at: Light pro and DIY users who need a good basic combi drill.

Pros: Good performance, good carry bag and good ergonomics make for a handy tool to use. 

Competition in the market is mostly a VERY GOOD THING for consumers because it tends to give us what we want at the prices we can afford. 

BiTorsion and BitBoxes Long Live the Evolution at Wera

Aimed at: Pros and amateurs who appreciate high quality

Pros: High quality bits and adaptors made to withstand the torques and impacts of modern screwdriving. Make sure you choose the one best for the job.

Flex DD 2G 10.8-LD Drill Driver Big in its Own Way

Aimed at: Professional fitters who need a compact drill driver. But well priced enough for discerning amateurs to consider.

Pros: Torquey enough for 70mm screws into softwood in my experience and well specified for a ‘little un’. 


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