From Insight DIY’s Steve Collinge, talking on digital retailing futures, to the Hawley 
Collection Trust of Sheffield’s Kellham Island Museum, the 2017 speaker programme for 
Totally DIY & Tools covers wide-ranging subjects, offering down-to-earth methods, 
inspiration and aspiration to DIY, homeware and hardware retailers. 

Draper 160L 230V Cement Mixer

There is a special logic to this mixer – the 160 litre capacity means that it can use one 25kg bag of cement per mix – making it much easier to get a consistent mix. A full load of sand/aggregate mixture, cement and water is roughly 90 litres so with an actual mixing capacity of 110 litres, there is more than enough space in the drum.

Self-assembly is the key to the pricing of this machine, but it is not difficult if you follow the correct sequence – USE THE INSTRUCTION BOOKLET!

JCB Cagelow Safety Trainers

Why Buy..?

These JCB Cagelow B safety trainers from Progressive Safety felt comfy after about half an hour, and by the end of the day I wouldn’t have been able to tell that they were new shoes. This is because the fit is wide and the toes rounded without looking clumsy.  I found myself adopting them for everyday use even when I wasn’t working in the workshop or on site because they looked fine with their black uppers and flexible grey mesh covering that provides comfort and ventilation. The dual density heels and soles cushioned the feet nicely.

JCB Cagelow Safety Trainers

WhyBuy..? Comfortable; Meets safety specs; Sole doesn’t gather mud etc; Mesh makes for flexibility; Good ventilation

HYPERTORCHES from Campingaz

WhyBuy...? Light; Easy to handle; Full 360 degree burn; Cartridges easily available; Enough heat for trade use; Base stabiliser included

Sanding Innovations from National Abrasives

Anything that helps to minimise effort, time and mess when sanding big areas is worth a look as far as I am concerned, and the kits from National Abrasives looked useful.

The Multi-Purpose Sander Quick Change System consists of a pole, a large 220mm diameter sanding disc, a handle and a pole adaptor. Each of the pieces is able to be used in a variety of combinations according to need. The glassfibre pole can be used with both round disc and corner sander.

MASTER BV 500 heater - the new aspect of heating

MASTER Climate Solutions has introduced a new and absolutely innovative indirect oil heater - MASTER BV 500 - which perfectly combines the best features of the existing BV and AIR BUS ranges. This top quality, portable air heater is suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular for construction and industry.


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