• Trend T5E V2 Review – The Latest Version of a Classic

    Aimed at: Pro and keen amateur fitters and woodworkers.

    Pros: Quiet, controlled, accurate routing from an imaginatively developed machine that could easily become a favourite.

    After only a couple of hours of sustained use this router became a real favourite of mine to use for general routing and hinge and lock fitting. I absolutely loved the new feeling of control engendered by the lack of vibration and noise, and it just seems so much less fiddly to adjust and change cutters etc than previous versions.  


  • National Abrasives - MIni Fill

    National Abrasives - Mini Fill - Review

    Like other fillers, Mini Fill can be painted, sealed, sanded, drilled and plugged, so it is a genuine replacement for the usual market offers – but I still point out that its biggest selling points are its ease of use and the good clean finish with minimal effort, the brilliant built in scraper and long shelf life.


  • New 18v Cordless Grinder from Flex - Its Workhorse Good

    Review New 18v Cordless Grinder from Flex - Its Workhorse Good

    Overall, I really liked this grinder. It has clearly been made to a quality threshold with elements of careful design. It cuts effectively in a wide range of materials, and it goes without saying that users will need to adopt all the correct safety gear with it, because the dust and debris produced is evidence that it is working well. 


  • Head Torches from Ledlenser Review – Which is the One for You?

    Head Torches from Ledlenser Review– Which is the One for You?

    The comprehensive i-Series Head Torch range from LED Lenser offers impressive quality and variety for end-users. 


  • Stahlwille Quality Torque Wrenches Review Torqueing it Easy

    Stahlwille Quality Torque Wrenches Review - Torqueing it Easy!

    Aimed at: Professionals and keen amateurs with a bit of budget

    Pros: So easy to use, almost fool proof and possibly saves the cost of having more than one torque wrench.


  • Socketry from Draper Review

    New Range of Socketry from Draper

    Aimed at: Pros and amateurs who need compact sets for a small range of jobs.

    Pros: Neatly encased, versatile, well organised with the common sizes included.


Campingaz at ToolBank 2015

Campingaz launched  its brand new innovation range of Hyperformance Gas and Hyperformance blowtorches at the Toolbank Autumn shows which started at Brands Hatch on 10th September.

The combination of the new Campingaz Hyperformance Gas® with new distinct nozzle designs on theHyperformance blowtorch range, provide ultra-performance by transmitting more energy and heating-up metals faster than ever before, saving customers both time and money.

BoSS TASKFORCE CASE STUDY with a Shade Greener & Hi Point Scaffolding


BoSS is the leading access tower brand in the United Kingdom, providing comprehensive and versatile tower systems to domestic, commercial and industrial projects across the country. 

Whilst the majority of towers are straightforward builds up to 8m externally or 12m internally, therefore covered by product standard EN1004:2004, the team at BoSS identified an opportunity to use the systems to replace the traditional tube and fitting scaffolds used on bigger projects, using EN1004 components but outside the scope of that standard.

Keep yourself protected with Blåkläder!

With the cold and wet weather taking across the UK, it is essential to keep yourself protected throughout hardworking conditions by wearing Blåkläder.

The Swedish work wear manufacturers offer a range of wind and waterproof winter jackets with great breathability. The jackets come in a variety of colours and have been deigned to keep you warm and dry no matter what the weather circumstances may be. 

Bülte's new Violin head screws Form “D”

Violin head screw Form “D” offers 2 main advantages :

- The body’s ergonomic shape allows a good grip

- The moulded washer provides a load distribution and protects surfaces. 


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ALTRAD Belle GPX Range of Generators

Customers remembered the build quality; reliability and performance of their previous models and it was at the insistence of national hire companies that they have now returned to the market with a range manufactured for the harshest weather conditions.

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