Wera 2go Helps Us To Get Organised

Aimed at: Wera fans who will relish the organisational possibilities of the kit

Pros: Solidly made, flexible usage built in and usual great Wera design

Fein Dustex 35 MX AC Extractor

Aimed at: Discerning users who want efficient dust collection from tools and floors etc

Pros: Powerful vacuum, adjustable, easy to use, power tool friendly.

Bosch Builds-in Connectivity

Aimed at: Pros who need to monitor and adjust their cordless tools.

Pros: Sophisticated approach to monitoring that is future proofed.

ABUS UK Offers New Total Door Security

ABUS UK is offering locksmiths an opportunity to add service to sales with their UK Door Bar range.

For many years ABUS Door Bars have contributed to the success of the ABUS security portfolio in Germany, however their very specific fitting requirements have meant that sales in the UK are mostly limited to distributors able to offer a professional fitting service. 

BOSCH GCL 2-50 C + GCL 2-50 CG Professional Combi Laser

... for more fun on construction sites!

Measuring with an inch ruler, a guideline or hand-drafted lines is dreadful, and not always precise. But this is a thing of the past – thanks to modern laser technology. The up-to-date pro uses a handy combi laser, which is not only easier to use but relieves day-to-day work immensely. And because laser measurements are done in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, there is always enough time for some fun on site.


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