Kärcher redefines pressure washer cleaning with new trigger gun

Reinventing the feel: Zero Power, Full Force
Introducing "EASY!Force" the patent-packed concept’s most exciting innovation is the trigger, which is pushed into the handle with the ball of the hand. This change means when the trigger is operated, the recoil of the water jet automatically presses the trigger into the hand for effortless use. The reduced force prevents hand and finger strain and in turn muscle cramps; ideal for both those operating machines frequently and inexperienced hirers who haven’t the grip strength for prolonged use.

BigChange brings digital transformation to 5000 service engineers across the Equipment Hire sector

BigChange the Mobile Workforce Management technology specialist has won contracts to supply some of the UK’s biggest equipment rental businesses with its three-in-one JobWatch system for over 5000 mobile technicians, engineers and drivers. A hire-specific version of the JobWatch system has been implemented by leading players including A Bird, Elliott Group, HSS Hire, Nixon Hire, John Deere, Morrison Utilities, Komatsu, Haulotte, Garic, A1 Group, Procomm Site Services, Hawk Group and Fourjays.

Heavy-duty Master air coolers

As the cooling season is approaching, Master Climate Solutions offers high performance cooling equipment for spring and summer. Master portable air coolers BC 180 and BC 340 are ideal for rental companies, industry and the logistics sector.

Freeze Master at Executive Hire Show

Late in 2007 Freeze Master started development of the 420D model, the first to be released in their new range of electric pipe freezers. The 420D was launched at the Executive Hire Show at the Ricoh Arena in February 2008.  The new 420D chassis design, incorporating a carry case with lid closed slots, proved so popular that in 2010 the 690E model and revised 280D models were launched; followed by the low-cost ezefreeze model in 2012.

ABUS SmartVest Wireless Alarm System - Security Gets Smart

The launch of the ABUS SmartVest Alarm and Smart Home system is a timely introduction into the growing Smart Home market. The system easily integrates its alarm package into ABUS’ well-developed CCTV programme and offers what consumers want from their Smart Home product, including that Smart Home Plug. 

Sanding Innovations from National Abrasives

Anything that helps to minimise effort, time and mess when sanding big areas is worth a look as far as I am concerned, and the kits from National Abrasives looked useful.

The Multi-Purpose Sander Quick Change System consists of a pole, a large, 220mm diameter sanding disc, a handle and a pole adaptor. Each of the pieces can be used in a variety of combinations according to need. The glassfibre pole can be used with both round disc and corner sander discussed below.

Sanding Innovations from National Abrasives

Walls, Floors, Ceilings and Corners Get the Treatment

Most of the time I hate sanding – especially when faced with a large wall (or sometimes more than one) that needs to be pristinely smooth before rolling on the paint. It is the dust, the effort, the reaching up and the odd angles your arms have to get into that makes sanding a chore.

Draper 160L 230V Cement Mixer

For a long while I think it was assumed that a certain orange-coloured cement mixer had cornered the market. But as you know, I am very much in favour of competition, since it most often leads to lower consumer prices and better tools.

This new mixer from Draper was the result of many requests from Draper dealers about adding a Draper-branded product to the competition. As experts on sourcing, Draper went about finding a suitable machine, and the 160-litre mixer is the result – also an orange colour, I might add.

HYPERTORCHES from Campingaz

The two gas torches from Campingaz’s HYPERTORCH range are both suitable for skilled DIY and trade use – using a mixture of butane and propane gas to deliver enough heat for soldering copper pipes and removing paint etc. Campingaz claims that the mixture gives an extra 35% of heat energy compared to a single gas.

Both of the torches come in a simple and PZ version. The PZ version is lit using the piezo switch that provides the spark to light the gas, while the simple version will require a lighter.



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